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Morning Portsmouth! Tony Shinella is here. Let’s all join you to start this day with an information note. These are the most important things happening around Portsmouth today.

First of all, today’s weather

Cloudy and sunny times. High High 47 Low High 32.

  • Strawberry Bank Museum closing- “In today’s article I would like to thank the Department of Horticulture for its many talented volunteer volunteers, many of whom have been working hard to prepare for the Candlelight Stroll Under the Stars. Some of the products completed in the photo are Dec …” (Facebook)
  • Cremps Center; “We started giving this #Tuesday with a plan to raise $ 3,000 to support the survivors of the brain injury. Thank you and it relates!
  • Beach local food “There are a lot of people who will be positively impacted by your donations on Tuesday. These are just a few. Your gift will double (up to $ 10,000 in total) Thanks to the donor-related donor. Donations are incredible.” (Facebook)
  • Portsmouth Historical Society “These are just a few of the amazing prizes that participants can receive to complete the downtown Portsmouth Ginger Scavenger Hunt. Take the form of a participating store or download it from the Portsmouth Historical Society website …” (Facebook)
  • New Hampshire Black Heritage Road “We are thrilled to have new lights installed inside and outside our building today! Your generous #Tuesday donation will help us continue to improve at 222 Court Street.” (Facebook)
  • New Hampshire Black Heritage Road “Thanks to Fidelity Common Impact for joining us today and helping us with our strategic plan. This is a gift from Fidelity #Tuesday.
  • Friends on the move “Tuesday is coming !!! Please enjoy the sweet little clip provided by some of our friends who work at the Echo Thrift Shop. Link in the comments for a direct donation. Thanks friends!” (Facebook)
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center “There is still time to donate your #Tuesday! #Tuesday is always a fun day at Portsmouth Music and the Arts Center (PMAC). Thank you to everyone who has donated to support our B mission.” (Facebook)
  • Cremps Center; “Tuesday is Tuesday and we are halfway there for the $ 3,000 match! Donate today to continue helping people with mental illness receive physical and online medical sacrifices. Donate now at www.krempelscenter.org …” (Facebook)
  • Portsmouth Rotary Club “Tuesday’s not over! Now we have 9 more yoke jewelry left and we have some 2020 gill! Https://portsmouth.rotary7780gives.org/rotarytree2020/Campaign/Details” (Facebook)
  • Prescott Park Arts Festival “What we do at the festival is really important. We try to create a place where everyone can accept. We hope you agree, and consider giving as much as you can. Your gift will be given. Live …” (Facebook)
  • The Great Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce “Davin (left) and Michelle (right) from Wynn Innovations gave Jane a number of cool brand items at the Strawberry Bank Museum – including truck Davin details, painted and marked. Woo! #Portsmouthnh #chambercollabo …” (Facebook)
  • Haven H. “On behalf of all of us in Haven, we thank you for your continued support of our work; (Facebook)
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center “Thanks again for the time to give! Evel Knievel is here to say thank you! Https://Pmaconline.org” (Facebook)
  • The Great Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce “Oh, hey – Bill with @artisangroundsnh custom trailer. Clever and stylish! #Portsmouthnh #chambercollaborative #membershiptree” (Facebook)
  • New Hampshire Black Heritage Road “Today is #Tuesday. Please remember the NH Black Heritage Road today with your kindness.” (Facebook)
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center “Thanks to donors like you, we have been able to offer programs for young people in our area this summer, such as the Tine Jazz Workshop with artists Chris and Eric Clackston. Your donation ensures that PMAC will continue to provide art education …” (Facebook)
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center “Today is Tuesday! ♥ ️ PMC aims to raise $ 5,000 in 24 hours. Will they help us achieve our goal? . “(Facebook)
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center “It’s Tuesday, and all donations are important. Portsmouth Music and Arts Center (PMAC) is proud to be participating in #GivingTuesday, International Charity and Unity Day, which encourages individuals to come together to make an impact on …” (Facebook)
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center “Live # Giving Tuesday Update from Ras Grazier” (Facebook)
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center “Help us reach our $ 10,000 goal by midnight! Https://www.pmaconline.org/support-pmac/#donate” (Facebook)
  • The Great Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce “የበለጠ Learn more about Portsmouth City Market activity here https://www.cityofportsmouth.com/city/illuminated-holiday-parade-tree-lighting” (Facebook)
  • New Hampshire Black Heritage Road “BHTNH strives to make Black History education accessible to all.
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center “Thanks to a donor community member on the occasion of PMAC 20th Anniversary, the first $ 25 donations will be matched. Https: //www.pmaconline.org/sup … #givingtuesday #supportthearts” (Facebook)
  • Boston Sailors Recruitment Station “I am determined to succeed!” Hans Akaini. The 19-year-old Navy’s Massachusetts voyage began with a naval recruitment training course. Navy Corporation… ”(Facebook)
  • Cremps Center; “There are only a few hours (dollars!) Left to achieve our $ 5,000! All donations will be counted in the middle of the night! Https://bit.ly/3Ibs6T6 or krempelscenter.org/tuesday #givetuesday2021 #krempelscenter #portsmouthnh #seacoastnh … (Facebook)
  • Portsmouth Music and Arts Center “Help us reach $ 7,500 by 2pm! Https://www.pmaconline.org/support-pmac/#donate” (Facebook)
  • New Hampshire Black Heritage Road “Sign up in the afternoon! How is your day going? Have you had some time to browse our website to see our upcoming events and donate Tuesday? Take a quick break and do that now! Www.blackheritagetrailnh.org” (Facebook)
  • New Hampshire Black Heritage Road “It’s the end of the working day! Take a moment before you leave the office to donate to your favorite #Tuesday. Don’t forget the Black Heritage trail when giving. Https://blackheritagetrailnh.org/giving /”
  • The Great Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce “Tree Decoration Time Almost! # Membership Tree # Portsmouth #Chamber Cooperation” (Facebook)

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