1.5 million lights bring joy to the Cape Fear Plants Garden. WRAL.com

More than 1.5 million lights will soon be lit among flowers and plants in Cape Verde.

The Cape Verde Vegetation Festival will begin on Friday and will be held on selected evenings in December.

“We even have a fog machine and an ice machine,” said marketing director Meghan Woolbright. “We have a lot of fog machines [and] It illuminates the trees to provide a wonderful winter experience.

With the light, Santa and Greenwich attend every night of the event.

“We really decorated the Greenwich basement and it looks unusual. Then we have it. [the Grinch’s] Max the glowing dog, ”said Walbright.

The event will be filled with the voices of local musicians and bands. Groups such as Snyder Memorial Baptist Church choirs, local jazz bands, children’s choirs and galleys will be performed.

“It’s all voluntary,” Wolbright said. “We only like the partner he brings because we get the same entertainment every year. There are a few people who do this every year and this is a tradition.”

Wolbright says holiday lights are the biggest event in Cape Verde.

“Because we are a non-profit organization, all our preparations go to the gardening industry … In the end, it’s up to the event how this place works,” she said.

As the garden makes arrangements throughout the year, preparations for the holiday lights begin in June. Cape Verde horticulturists spend hours more than 2 miles (2 miles) away from lighting a garden.

“It’s an exciting experience for the staff, and that’s very special. We’ve come a long way since the first few months we worked on lighting,” Wolbright said.

2021 WRAL Light Nights

The organizers hope that the new additions will be re-recorded.

“[We’re] We hope to increase in size because we really have a lot of lights. We now have no extra lighting in our house, ”said Woolbright.“ We bought extra extension cords; We bought a warmer light; We bought a lot of color and decorated it with black bamboo in the garden.

After the event, the organizers take a few weeks off to hit the ground running again. In the spring there will be a Gardenmania and a master class in the state supported by horticulturists.

Cape Fear Plant Vegetable Holiday Lights

“Even events, activities, classes [or] For Kids Programs – We Have Something For Preschool. We have something for home school students, and for that our beautiful staff has that background in ecology, ecology. [and] Wolbright said.

Cape Verde Vegetable Holiday Lights will be open on selected evenings until December 23rd. Attendees must purchase tickets in advance.


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