1.71,000 government farmers start natural farming under Practical Katy Kusal Kisan Yojana and De Jai Ram Takur

Scientists need to ensure that research conducted by universities and laboratories in various institutions can be transferred to farms and benefit the region’s farmers and gardeners. Krishna Vigian Kendra Conference by Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry in Solan Woreda today. More than a thousand scientists and farmers from across the country are taking part in the two-day event ‘Natural Agriculture and Other Sustainable Agriculture’ techniques. The farmers of the state were diligent and were ahead of other regions in the country in adopting new technologies.

He also praised the efforts of the former governor and current governor of Gujarat, Devvarat, in promoting natural agriculture in the state. He said the overuse of chemical fertilizers was very harmful. Within three months of coming to power, the current government has launched a ‘long-term security initiative for farmers in the state’ Rs. 25 crores to promote natural agriculture and today more than 1.71 million farmers have taken over the state. According to Jay Ram Takur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised the efforts of Himalayan Pradesh in promoting natural agriculture at various forums. He said the union government has made special arrangements with the union budget to promote natural agriculture throughout the country.

He also expressed concern over the excessive use of chemical fertilizers, which could reduce soil fertility. Hemacal Pradesh Chemicals is working to gradually liberate the agricultural sector and is working to make the state a natural farm in the next 15 years, he said. He said the emphasis on crop diversity is to increase the income of farmers. He said the agricultural economy has greatly contributed to the country’s economy during the cholera epidemic.

He said that due to the adoption of advanced agricultural technologies and the tireless efforts of the university’s scientists, the production of agricultural, fruit and vegetable products is contributing close to Rs. 10,000 kroner for the region’s GDP. He said the state government would work hard to provide better marketing services to farmers. Material from time to time at this university.

He also lauded the university’s efforts to ensure the well-being of the farmers’ community and urged the university administration to accelerate its research on fruit-vegetable and sustainable agriculture. He expressed hope that the two-day conference would give scientists an opportunity to reflect on India’s future agriculture, horticulture and new technologies. In a speech on natural agriculture, Gujarat Governor Acharia Devrat praised Prime Minister Jame Ram Takur for his efforts in promoting natural agriculture in the region. At the beginning of the first green revolution in India, the amount of organic carbon in India was 2.5 which is now reduced to 0.5 or less.

“This is a serious matter,” he said. “Agriculture is a matter of urgency today,” he said. Chances are. The governor and the prime minister have published various publications by ICAR and scientists from various universities. Speaking at the event in New Delhi, India’s Minister of Agriculture and Farmer Security Narender Singh Tomar said India is a leading country in terms of development. He said it was time to do a laboratory study on the farmer’s field.

He said it is the duty of scientists and farmers to enable the country to become self-sufficient in food production. In the past, fertilizer use was low, which doubled. State Minister for Agriculture and Farmers’ Security, Kaylash Chaudhari, said the use of high-tech technologies was needed to increase production, but that the use of chemical fertilizers was important. , Cotton, sugarcane, etc. In addition to the successful studies conducted by scientists in the country, the country’s farmers have been diligent and diligent.

He said efforts should be made to make India self-sufficient in food production. In his opening remarks, ICAR Director Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra said Icar has emerged as a symbol of confidence for the country’s farmers. He said agricultural production has increased during the epidemic, thanks to local farmers and the ICRC. He said the two-day conference was an effort to strengthen the economy of the farmers.

The Deputy Director General, Extension Education, ICAR Dr. AK Singh welcomed the Prime Minister and other senior officials on the occasion. Lists a number of achievements and activities initiated by ICAR across the country. He also gave a detailed description of the various achievements and tasks of ICAR. Vice Chancellor, Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry Development, Prof. Rajeshwar Singh Chandel, thanked the Minister of Agriculture, Veranner Canwar, Secretary of Agriculture, Rakesh, Canwar, Vice Chancellor, scientists, and experienced farmers of various universities.

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