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When it comes to wine, Italians often do it better. When it comes to beer, the Germans top the list. European giants have introduced beer to the world. Even more so, as a great Sudanese and equally good company, they do it in a beer garden area, or in Birsenton, Germany.

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Americans have long admired and embraced Al Fresco’s approach. That’s why we have some of the best bar bars, outdoor restaurants, breweries and other tasting rooms on the planet. The beer garden is a mix of beer open air parties, bubble beers, ethnic glasses, fried foods and happy faces. These popular places include the main purpose of the well – to be a real and fun gathering place.

There are really few breweries in the states. And while they can be a great way to overcome the heat of summer, many will take off their space heaters and raincoats in the coming months. If you are planning to spend a night with your friends, we have found it. Here are 11 of America’s best breweries, inspired by German beer culture.

Bay Street Biergarten

Charleston, South Carolina

Bay Street Biergarten Charleston, South Carolina and empty bar.

There is so much to do in Charleston when it comes to food and drink. Whether you’re a local or thirsty goer, Bay Street Biergarten should be on everyone’s list. Along with the rich southern culture of Bavaria, this 7,400-square-foot space has a contemporary landscape at the Munich venue. There is a menu to enjoy (think bret, prunes and donut kebabs) as well as enough beers, wines and cocktails to enjoy. All told, the venue has a large number of 62 taps, showing local brewers and the work of several German manufacturers.

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Las Vegas

Empty Berhouse in Las Vegas.

Sin City knows how to drink outdoors by making the beer garden perfect here. Berhouse brings the old world to New York on the Strip. Customers can choose from over 30 delicate beer options, from rotisserie chicken and beverages such as dogs and ribbons. Outside the brick bar, you will find a few ice-cold pins and long benches and happy imports.

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My legacy

Los Angeles

An empty bar in Wurstk├╝che in Los Angeles on a rainy night.

This LA hangout makes the Bavarian experience the best in Southern California. From Schwartzer to Weissby to pilsners, there are endless options for beer enthusiasts who are eager to try everything. Many great Belgian beers join the German party – both in bottles and jars – and there are well-preserved American options. In addition, Wurstk├╝che offers one of the most welcoming areas there in two locations (downtown and Venice). And if you like scratching with your collarbone, the hip bar is one of the most creative in-house soups anywhere on the West Coast. Those who want an atmosphere and perhaps alcohol will appreciate the solid zero-ABV liquid list.

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Axelrad Brewery Paradise


Axelrad Brewery in Houston is overcrowded.

Axelrad takes a beer gardening experience and is given an avant-garde size. At the top of the bar is a huge garden and often any multimedia screenings or shows are taking place, making it an emotional party. Built over a century ago in the old grocery store, this brewery has some of the best breweries on the planet, distributing American lattes, witches, heifers, gooseberries, IPAs, dandelions, and more. It is a remarkable American adaptation of the ancient brewery, which devised the art of combining it as the main beer.

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Fremont City Beer Garden


Freemason City Brewery Garden in Seattle.

Just take a short walk from the Frozen Gas Works Park in Seattle Norlake, this beer garden has it all. He pours branded beers with artist sandwiches and is perfect for kids and pets. The outdoor area is a barrel-lined stretch with pleasant foliage and delightful drinkers. The venue offers some local CDs and is covered for many wet and foggy days in the Emerald City.

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Kaiser Tiger


In the morning we had a caesarean in the whole Chicago house.

There may not be a better name for a beer garden than a kaiser tiger. The Wendy City neighborhood has a climate beer garden that spans everything from 3 Floyd and Cigarette City to German importers and even home-grown beers. You can play some grass games in a wide open space with hanging tree branches in hanging bulbs. There are a few twists and turns for those who want to boost their Olympic game while enjoying WiseBook or two.

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Trillium Garden


A bright and sunny day at the Trillion Garden in Boston.
Trillium Garden

This seasonal beer garden is the work of Trillium Brewing. Walking is one of the best things to do in Boston. The layout is European-minded, basically transformed into a corner of the street into a drinking fountain, suitable for picnic chairs and crowded viewing areas. And bean town people don’t take their good weather for granted, so expect more happy company in the middle of nowhere.

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Portland, Oregon

Savior!  He was arrested in black and white at N Skidmore St.

Savior! It’s incredibly popular – and for good reason. Portland’s hot spot offers a well-packed beer list, heartwarming food, and a truly refreshing atmosphere. When playing soccer on TV or talking to a new friend in a comfortable backyard, it’s a good place to try some common beer styles. If you still want something after a few drinks, try some housewives or go to the cart pad, which shows some of the best barbecue scenes in the country.

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Radegast Hall

new York

Radegast Hall in New York hanging out with people.

A short walk from the Williamsburg Bridge, Radgast Hall celebrates the grandeur of German drinking habits. Approximately 10 draft Euro beers can be ordered in half a liter, a liter and a full pot, making this a good place for groups (considering the appropriate Covi protocol, of course). There is also an impressive list of bottle beers, including some trappist ales, Belgian beers and various pilsners. Not a place of entertainment, the NYC establishment shows live music almost at night.

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Meat Shop Beer Paradise


Meathouse beer garden in Miami with a happy evening.

Drinking anywhere outside of Miami feels like a heresy. The butcher shop knows this well, both in and around West Palm Beach. In addition to many great meats, including homemade sausages and a wonderful selection of smoked meats, the venue is also home to many breweries from far and wide, including some sketches of some Florida crafts. It is worthwhile to spend many hours on the porch with fine furniture made of wood and easy to adapt to the creative energy that comes out of the Windows area.

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Von Elrod


Von Elrod's empty space in Nashville.

Ven Elrod is home to 38 draft handles, many of which flow from local breweries in the midst of a Tennessee craft show. Grab a Doppler, Mars or Triple and upgrade it with a matching Priscilla, Bratist or Turkish Club. The exterior excavations are very unique, laid out in nature and set with long common tables. There will also be weekly events on Thursday with great breakfast and happy hour options as well as Stein-sized beer deals. Be prepared to pick up a cup of refreshing Reissdorf Kolsch like a floating glass in your glass.

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