11 Best Spring Leaves in New England

During the day, the fall of leaves on the slopes of the back hills, on steep hills, and in the foothills of the highlands is a sign of leaf season in New England. In the evening, relaxing in a comfortable resting place, expelling the chilly night air, and refreshing hot drinks are the culmination of a fall. The Ancient Fall The New England Vacation is a delightful stay in a beautiful local Inn that attracts the historical significance of these historic little towns.

New Hampshire’s swampy white mountains, Maine’s peaceful backyards, the bright green mountains of Vermont, the Massachusetts Bershirs hills, the bright coastal Rhode Island, and the beautiful Connecticut rivers and valleys show some of the best panoramic vistas in the fall. New England’s seasonal wonders offer Mother Nature’s precious gifts for our exploration and enjoyment. From late September to late October, beautiful fall colors can be found on country streets and in large city parks.

A list of our beautiful residences enhances the habit of drawing leaves by immersing them in local beauty and grace. The following are some of the most interesting places to see it fall in glory.

Woodstock Inn & Resort

1. Woodstock, Vermont

Woodstock Inn & Resort is a beautiful, well-known New England resort with majestic rooms decorated with fine and ancient decor. The Inn is right on the main street in Weststock, Vermont. Beautifully decorated rooms will surround you with luxurious dreams of mother nature.

Drink in the Inn’s Richardson’s Tavern after a day of exploring the green mountains in their best harvest colors. Professionally made, high-quality food is the perfect end to a glorious fall holiday.

Tip: If you are planning a weekend in this popular city of Vermont, we have put together some of the best things to do in Woodstock, Vermont to get you started.

Falling leaves, as seen in Gondola Skymont in Stowe, Vermont
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2. Stowe, Vermont

Known as a thriving ski resort, the stove is a delightful place to visit during the fall. Gondola Skyrid takes you to the top of Mansfield as you sit and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the beautiful leafy mountain in Stowe.

Stone Hill Inn is a romantic getaway in your Stowe, Vermont, Leafy. Beautifully decorated rooms provide visitors with spectacular views of gardens and surrounding wildlife. This is a perfect resting place one day after a spectacular view of the peaceful and picturesque, colorful fall.

Tip: Beautiful walking trails for all levels cross the Stowe area.

Victoria Resort
Vin Victoria (Photo Credit Sandy Barrett)

3. Chester, Vermont

The delightful Inn in Chester hosts Victoria’s guests in a cozy, Vermont luxury. Lovingly decorated accommodations and guest rooms include Victorian prosperity. Take a stroll through the village in search of amazing shops and a beautiful historic stone village that speaks to the history of Chester Scotland. Against the background of the bright green mountain falls, you fall in love with this beloved city.

A fun way to explore the area at any time of the year, but especially in the fall, is a walk. Every night, the local guards work together to create a walk in the woods where you can go for a solid dinner and a comfortable bed. As the Guards manage luggage logistics, you are free to explore the countryside as you travel through cities and mountains to your next accommodation. You can read more about the experience at Vermont Inn-To-Inn: Why I went 44 miles in four days.

Tip: For a taste of Chester’s Scottish heritage, visit MacLaomainn’s Scottish Pub for dinner. Start with Haggis Tester just because everyone should try it at least once! Delicious classic bakeries include tati bars, fish cakes and banger and mash.

White Mountain National Forest on the view of Kancomomus Highway, New Hampshire NH, USA, near Lincoln, near the Sugar Hill Scenic Vista.
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4. Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

The Sugar Hill Inn is located in the heart of the New Hampshire White Mountains. Beautiful 1789 Farm Paint: Perfect New England Bed and Breakfast. Excellent dining, Prix fixe menu highlights up-to-date local produce while offering mountain views to diners. A vacation at the Sugar Hill Inn is a relaxing fall fountain.

Day trips on the mountain trails, boating or fishing on many lakes and rivers, and camping under the stars are just a few ways to explore this loving paradise. Drive a typical fall leaf to the Kanamagus Scene Bayway for spectacular views. The 34.5 Canchomagus Show Bayway is a popular destination for day-to-day travelers and everyday people in the middle of October.

Tip: Nearby Franconia Not State Park offers the world’s most spectacular fall foliage.

Omni Mountain Washington Resort
Omni Mountain Washington Resort

5. Breton Woods, New Hampshire

Omni Mountain Washington Resort is the most important New England four-time luxury resort. Plan a fall foliage wrapped in red, orange and yellow canvas in the White Mountains. With beautifully appointed accommodations and unique dining options, the resort offers a wide range of outdoor activities where you can enjoy the best white mountain visas.

Omni Donald Ross: Designed course offers spectacular mountain views especially for beautiful golfers during the fall show. Harvest-Golf Stay-and-Play is the perfect way to see the foliage while enjoying some of the season’s final rounds.

For adventure seekers, take a tour of the Bretton Woods Canopy where you can literally immerse yourself in the beautiful fall foliage. The three-hour tour will take you to the most memorable Zipling experience of the near future.

At the Omni Breton Woods Spa, a weekend getaway is a wonderful way to enjoy the foliage and relax with the much-needed caregivers.

Tip: The New Hampshire Fall Leaf Show gives you the most up-to-date information on when and where the top leaf is.

Kennebunkport Captain's Collection - Nathaniel Lord Lift
Nathaniel Lord Mension (read Photo Credit McDonald’s)

6. Kenenbunkport, Maine

The Kennebunkport Captain Collection is a historic group of four houses that offer luxurious accommodations on the beach. The collection includes Nathaniel Lord Mansion, William Jeffford House, James Fairfield House and Acton Patterson House. These homes come together in a beautiful beach resort in Kennebunkport.

Kayaking, paddle boarding (SUP) and canoeing provide a unique view of the beach harvest. Kayak excursions for kayaking on the water with adventures on kayak and suite rentals and tours.

Smith Waiting is a fun place to explore on foot. There are more than 10 miles of hand-painted hiking trails where you can dive into the jungle in the fall.

Wolf Cove Inn with Lake Tripp in the background
Wolf Cove Inn (Photo Credit Roy Forsberg)

7. Poland, Maine

Deep in the heart of Maine, the Wolf Cove Inn sits in the middle of the fall. Surrounded by falls and colorful landscapes, the landscape of the lake is beautiful. Maine leaves are the perfect place to enjoy floating. Your blood pressure will drop and your spirits will rise as you explore the setting of the backyard, which is actually Maine. Look at the beautiful sunrises on the water as you burn the swamp above the flames. The most relaxed place on earth.

Tip: It can be difficult to plan a perfect time for a pre-leaf. Maine leaves for the best views suggest a good time to visit Maine in the fall.

Berkshire Vista
Berkshire Vista (Photo Credit Ogden Gigley Photography)

8. Stockbridge, Massachusetts

White clapping boards, dark shutters, and gravel drive the simple Berkshire beauty of The Inn At Stockbridge, Georgia’s 1906 home. If you stay in the main house, cottage or barn, you will be accommodated in a quiet, comfortable setting and a baby-friendly environment. Stockbridge is one of Massachusetts’ busiest autumn vacation cities.

There is much to see and do in Western Massachusetts, and your guide to the most up-to-date information can be found at Berkshars.

Tip: As you plan your trip to the area, you will find some great ideas on how to spend a beautiful weekend in Berkshars.

9. Lee, Massachusetts

Another beautiful autumn destination in Berkshire is Devenfield In. In the early 1800’s, the village of England was built on rolling hills.

Driving on a winding country road offers visitors a colorful vista of Berkshire’s autumn leaves.

Tip: For explorers who want to get more out of Massachusetts’ amazing foliage, a great place to start planning your trip is the best fall foliage in Massachusetts.

10. Wellingford, Connecticut

The southern states of New England also provide access to beautiful foliage. In one of City’s hot air balloon rides, special viewing opportunities, such as flying through the sky, will elevate you above the trees. As you travel along the Connecticut rivers and valleys, look for sunrises that can only be seen from above. A bucket list item for each adventure seeker.

Wollingford Victoria Int is a beautiful boutique bed and breakfast that offers guests a warm Victorian feel and warm hospitality. This painted lady is a beautifully preserved symbol in downtown Walingford. You will enjoy your stay in this special home.

Tip: You can plan your Connecticut Fall trip via the interactive Spring Leaf Report Map.

Hydrangea House Inn
Get Newport

11. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is home to luxurious buildings, world-class cruises and amazing restaurants. The carefully maintained historic houses and gardens offer visitors not only the rich and famous lifestyle but also beautiful spring gardens.

Newport’s Hydrangea House Inn reflects the beauty and sophistication of Newport’s high community. At the Hyderabad House, classically decorated and well-appointed collections and comfortable rooms will make your stay in Newport unforgettable. In the perfect place, you can walk down the harbor or walk the streets of the old summer stadium for the rich and famous.

You will find all the latest events and visitor information for the Newport area at Discover Newport.

Tip: There are so many beautiful historical cities to explore when you visit the beautiful Rhode Island. Here are two of our top favorites on how to spend a perfect weekend in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island and the 12 best things to do in Rhode Island.

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