11 more dog-friendly parks and beer gardens around DC

Spend your summer dog days with your duck (and lots of water and shade!) On one of these kids-friendly premises around DC. Many of these places range from puppy ice cream, dog beer — yes, that’s it — and even out-of-play playgrounds. Also, National Dog Day is coming up on August 26, and we have some ideas on how to honor our beloved hairy friends.

25 Potomak Street, c
Take your child (or three) with you to this huge dog-friendly beer garden near the National Park. There is plenty of room for your child to run around a designated dog park while drinking fresh water on one hectare of river.

Oshi being the best kid in the bar social. Photo by Daniella Bike.

Shell social
935 Process St., North Bethsaida
This new dog park offers a lot of free space for puppies, as well as delicious food and drink menus (cold beer, hand-crafted decorations) and dogs (puppy ice cream). Tip: Day passes ($ 10 on weekdays, $ 15 on weekends) are available in person and as a member, and it is important to register your dog in advance to get in quickly.
Dog day celebrations; Bring your child to the movie theater to enjoy the popular comedy from 7 to 9:30 PM. Go to the event early to enjoy 20 percent of cocktails, refreshments and wine from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Brewski’s Barkhaus
516 Belefonte Street, Alexandria
This dog-centered restaurant and bar in Alexandria provides indoor and outdoor dog parks as well as food and drink for hair lovers – pp pcc chino, eggs and rice bowls — as well as adults and children (we are there for yappy hour or brunch). Note: There are daily passes ($ 10) as well as monthly membership, and it is important to register your dog in advance as verification of the pet vaccination is required.
Dog day celebrations; Barclays will open at 11 a.m. on August 26 with free pap cheese, “dog beer” and snacks.. Later, from 7:30 to 10 p.m., wear a ticket gala that supports the National Humanitarian Association. Black puppies are required for all puppies and people, and tickets ($ 75) are on sale now.

Dhaka Beer Garden
1600 7th St., NW; 79 Potomak Street, c
Both Shaw and Navy Yard Beer gardens accept dogs large and small. The “Puppy Orders” menu includes treats, puppies, and several (non-alcoholic) good dog beer tastes like IPAlot in Yard and Session Squirrel. For humans, there is a happy hour menu with German beers, lamosco and bright sandwiches.
Dog day celebrations; Post your photo and your hairdresser in front of a special National Dog Day background to get a wristband to get the value of a happy hour all night.

Beer lovers and their four-legged friends are welcome in Dhaka. Photograph by Scott Suchman

Electric cool-help
512 Rhode Island Road, a
Cups are always welcome as you are offered a selection of refreshing drinks, canned beer and wine, and spinning food trucks. The “Dog Days” drink menu features fun shrubs such as lemon-by-coconut and (why not?) Jelly bullets.

1503 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria
Relax with your four-legged friends, casual meals and 16 beers at this all-day beer garden in Del Ray. There is no dog park but there is a corn pit and a children’s room to hold small people.
Dog day celebrations; Additional food and drink specialties are available from 4 to 7 p.m., in addition, all dogs receive free treatment.

Hops N turns on
3410 Mount Vernon Street, Alexandria
Like Loaded Grilled Cheese and Tattoos: Come to a dog-friendly place that is as thirsty as a bar for beer (or moon). Outdoor porches are ideal for dogs, and they host regular adoption events at local shelters.
Dog day celebrations; For a second $ 30 project, four-legged travelers at Pups N Paint Pawty will “paint” their own masterpiece with some peanut butter encouragement. An expert dog food menu is also available, including beats, beef hot dogs and herbal options. Heavy Brewing, Jose Curvo and many other breweries and distributors are also there to support the rescue.

Larry Lounge
1840 18th St., a
In Larry – All Puppies Welcome! Bring water bowls and plenty of food from friends to their dog-friendly outdoor parks in Dupon.

Photograph courtesy of Opal.

Opaline Bar & Brasserie
806 15th St., a
Enjoy French fare like steak crumbs and ratatouille with your best friend on this Paris-designed, dog-friendly balcony in downtown DC.
Dog day celebrations; Bring your dog to the sidewalk cafe at Patio on Papio between August 26 from 4:30 to 7:30 PM, including chicken, salmon and steak made by the chef’s team. Be sure to dress your dog in a Parisian dog to compete for a prize. People can enjoy cheap fare and special cocktails such as ood Dultini and Bulldozer Dicuri. If you do not have a dog or want to add it to your quadruple family, Lucky Dog will be on the lookout for fun, acceptable pets.

Vola Doxy Grill
101 Northern Union St., Alexandria
Blow on the balcony of this dog-friendly, watery beach on the banks of the Alexandria River. The view is unique, but the dogs’ menu features grilled chicken, puppy, frozen yogurt with apples, and beef with carrots.

Wunder Garten
1101 First St., a
You can run, walk, take your dog to this huge German beer garden in Noma, cool with refreshing bowls and sip cold beer.
Dog day celebrations; On August 26, from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m., Wendon Garton will host “Pa-Grum,” a brewery, orthopedic flights, student drinks, gifts, and best-dressed dog competitions. Pets will be there with toys and fashions.

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