15 years of horticulture in Horticulture Park

Wagning University and Research (WUR), the Delphi Improvement Center and Lansingland Council are celebrating 15 years of knowledge development for greenhouse gardening. Save the day – From September 20 to October 8, various activities will be held during the “Weeks of Horticultural Park Preparation Week”. Looking back, we look forward to the future role of Horticulture Park.

At the end of 2006, development experiments began in Villarrene, in Villarrene, at the Delphi Improvement Center and the WUR (Business Unit Glasshouse Horticulture). In this horticultural park, the Dutch and international greenhouse gardens have been built in 15 years.

Much research has been done on the use of LED lighting to create sustainable agricultural systems by designing and developing “new developments.” With the implementation of new improved plant sensors, digital development in automated greenhouses is progressing rapidly and will change management in the greenhouse. The development of production systems is always part of the process, just as various greenhouse protocols are now being tested and knowledge is being developed for vertical farming.

Lansingland Municipality is pleased to be involved in the cultivation of these two leading knowledge institutions in the greenhouse and therefore wants to further strengthen its capacity as a knowledge-based greenhouse municipality. They are currently working with entrepreneurs and residents on horticulture vision, which is the basis for gardening research and future plans such as work, work and space.

Fieldlab Vertical Farm will be opened by WUR and Delphi during the ‘Week of Horti Science Park Event Weeks’ between September 20 and October 8. The Municipalities of Lansingland, WUR and Delphi are also organizing more than a dozen other events with organizations such as Glastonburn, the Netherlands and Greenport West Holland. These include knowledge day, water preparation and afternoon taste research for gardening entrepreneurs. There will also be meetings with horticultural youth and municipal residents about the “Horti Science Vision”. All events look to the future from a modern perspective.

The content of the “Horti Science Park Event Weeks”, the program and the various conferences will be available online soon.

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