1,500 female students from J&K Colleges – Northlands to receive a Data Science Scholarship

1,500 female students from J&K colleges to receive a Data Science Scholarship

Srinagar, May 25 1,500 female college graduates from Jammu and Kashmir will be offered scholarships to pursue high-quality, tech-savvy online skills programs in digital marketing and data science.

The proposal was jointly agreed upon by J&K and Higher Education – a charity and nonprofit by the company Edgrad – Edtech. The Agrad Foundation supports this initiative with the 100% discontinuation of Vedic Shakti Scholarships to help eligible and selected female students in technology-driven programs.

But the initiative is not limited to online courses and scholarships, but also aims to provide comprehensive learning experience as a one-on-one mentor and with additional benefits of learning and instruction through webinars and lectures. The UpGrad Foundation also provides strong placement support for students with positive work experience and job opportunities. This initiative will enable them to follow in their footsteps by educating and encouraging female students from sectors and marginalized backgrounds and connecting them with role models. Provides 70% scholarship for PG courses in Management and Executive PG Program in Human Resource Management.

While access to higher education and skills are among the major goals of the 2020 National Education Policy, increasing the number of young people with relevant skills will contribute significantly to employment, good employment and entrepreneurship, including technical and vocational training. Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 2030.

At a time when women were being severely affected by the epidemic, female students, especially in remote areas, faced challenges in higher education and employment. The support provided by the upGrad Foundation for the digitalisation and promotion of female students into the main labor market will be a tremendous step forward. The initiative was initially started in 16 colleges but could later be expanded.

This is one of the many ways in which the Department of Higher Education has made quality education, skills and knowledge accessible to far and wide, especially girls. Indian Management Institute (IM) Rohatak is running an entrepreneurial enterprise program for Jammu and Kashmir female students.

The department is promoting skills initiatives and is integrating skill education with core subjects. Skill Courses With 30 Credits Coordinated courses are available in 12+ 18 formats, with 12 credits included or added, and 18 credits will be awarded under Skills Training at each Sector Skill Council under the NSDC Certificate. . In J&K Higher Education Institutions Skills Infrastructure Created in Higher Education Institutions The Hub and Spoke Model and the 15 Hub and 75 Spoke Center are already funded. 10.00 kroner. Domains offered include Electronics, Computers & amp; IT, Horticulture, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Paramedics, Food Science, Technology, Fashion Technology, Epiculture, Veterinary, Veterinary Science, Financial Management, Engineering, etc.


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