19 Certified by the Department of Disability Services in five areas

The Department of Social Welfare of the Department of Social Development has issued certificates to 19 participants in five disciplines during the celebration of World Disability Day in the state today.

Participants are experienced in food preparation, fruits and vegetables, water skills, myself and others as well as in everyday life. Participants in the certification program have several modules, as each module has a different step in the Department of Social Development and Autism Program Director and Disability Services Supervisor.

“For example, we have some vegetables and fruits. Some of the next steps are to learn basic numbers, how to control money, and how to sell their produce. So, he is helping them with things like that now,” Dawson said.

Dawson added that the certification program has three-year-old modules and that once purchased, the department must test and complete it within the time allotted. He explained that participants could get a certificate locally, but the Department of Disability Services decided to send samples to the UK and be certified.

“We will send samples to the UK and you will see that they are satisfied at the final stage and we are satisfied with that official certificate. ‘

The Disability Services Superintendent added that although the department is working with the participants on assignments, the cholera virus has halted its growth over the past few years.

“We are using the feedback we received from employers in terms of weaknesses.

At the same time, Special Education Education Officer, Afia Smith, said that the certificates will enable participants to come out and show the community the skills they have learned through the program.

“It gives them the opportunity to work and live independently. Therefore, the certificate is intended to take them to another level; Encourage them and their families. Show them that the disability does not limit their identity but gives them the opportunity to do something. ‘I can cook, I can sew something, I can organize, I can put things in order,’ says Smith.

Closing the ceremony, the Special Education Officer, who led the participants to the dance, said it was a touching moment to see members of the Virgin Islands community dancing and supporting.

“This is heartwarming, so seeing participants in dance today shows that they have a way of sharing light. Some may communicate well and some may not. Dance is a skill that everyone can read without words. We can see the expression in action so strong inside We know there is something. He is telling them that they can do it, ”Smith said.

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