2 New reservoirs will help to remove contaminated water from the St. Lucy River

A.D. The $ 2.1 billion water project, approved in 2000 and funded in 2007, is nearing completion but is expected to take 10 years to complete.

Indian River Lego South South C23 / C24 Reservoir and Rainwater Treatment Area west of Wheat Road, Government Road 70 holds two reservoirs and STA on both sides.

The reservoirs store more than 4 billion gallons of rainwater each year, and now flow from the 827-square-mile[827 sq km]basin in western St. Lucy County to the north fork of the St. Luchi River, contaminated with nutrients, bacteria, pesticides, and pesticides. More.

Water farms;SFWMD In 2018, it approved 2 new ones in Evans Properties

How is the water? Real-time bacteria are considered on the beaches of Florida

EAA tankSugar farmers sue Lake O irrigation water

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