The Civic Paradise Center is changing the meaning of fruits and vegetables

Thanks to ornamental gardening, some plants that should be considered invasive are still legally purchased and sold in Cincinnati. English Ivy is one of these plants. Pixabay | dimitrisvetsikas1969 እ.ኤ.አ. Most gardeners in Ohio spend most of their time carefully cutting Filipendula ulmaria and Fagus sylvatica in their own nursery. Greg Torres, a gardener at … Read more

The CSU extension certified Colorado Gardener Program will be a virtual reality in 2021

Extension Full Course “Green School” is a very comprehensive option. Participants who complete the course will be CSU certified Colorado gardeners. The full course includes 14 classes (12 self-paced online and two live webinars), weekly class reviews, live webinars with CSU subject matter experts, and one-year online course access. To obtain a Colorado Gardener Certificate, … Read more