2021 Best Online Master Gardeners Programs

Best General – Oregon State University Master Gardener Program

Oregon State University Technical Writing Education – Online

Key details

  • Price: $ 490 for Home Horticulture Certificate (approximately $ 60 registration fee)
  • Level of experience: There are no preconditions, suitable for all levels
  • Format: Online (Also, additional volunteer hours are required for full master gardening certification)

Why do we choose

We love the breadth and depth of the subject, which touches on all the basics of sustainable gardening. It will help you learn how to create and maintain an environmentally friendly garden and take care of your plants and wildlife.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • There are no preconditions
  • Full certification is possible or distance learning


  • Full confirmation for Oregon residents only.
  • A full certificate of indoor gardening is very expensive (beginners prefer short courses instead).


Oregon State University is known for its gardening courses. It is a go-to for people who want to become a certified major gardener in the state, but it also has a lot of online resources available for those who are not based in the area.

If you want to do the volunteer hours (40 to 70 hours) needed to become a certified gardener, you need to live in the state. But if you do not live in Oregon or do not want to complete volunteer hours, you can still run a home gardening program. And you can do this wherever you live and at any level of experience.

The 12-week course covers exciting, enduring gardening topics such as recorded talks, forum assignments and discussions, weekly quizzes, and more. Once you have successfully completed the online course, you will receive a certificate of indoor gardening. A seven-week summer version of this online course is also available.

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