2021 Golden Leaf Award for Santa Barbara Ecology and Food Garden Project | NewsChannel 3-12

Santa Barbara, California – Partners of the SBEE (Santa Barbara Ecological and Nutrition) Garden Project Partners were honored to receive the 2021 Golden Leaf Greens Award from Santa Barbara.

The SBEE Garden Project is one of the three winners and has been recognized as an outstanding project that will enhance the beauty of the community by collaborating to support biological and cultural diversity.

The project includes a network of community gardens that promote biodiversity, increase access to locally produced food, and enhance communication between the community and the ecosystem.

“I am so grateful that the SBEE Garden Project received the 2021 Golden Leaf Award from Santa Barbara. Rachel Johnson, SBCC Foundation’s chief program officer, said it was an honor to teach that community about eating gardens and healthy ecosystems by contributing to the beauty of our community. “The SBEE Garden Project is truly a collaborative effort to bring together SBCC faculty and students, elementary school students and their families, researchers, educators, gardeners and the community at large.

SBEE Garden Project Award winners Professor Adam Green, SBCC Professor of Biology and Environmental Research; Daniel Para Hensel, SBCC Environmental Gardener; Lindsay Johnson, Manager, Explore Ecology, Somos Semilas Program, El Centro Santa Barbara; Hugh Kelly, board president, Mesa Harmony Garden; Director of Conservation and Research Dr. Denise Knapp, Santa Barbara Plant Park; Jesse Gonzalez, director of the Westwest Division, Santa Barbara County United Boys and Girls Club; Brad Smith, Youth Drought Project; Geoff Green, General Manager of Santa Barbara City College Foundation; And Rachel Johnson, senior program officer at Santa Barbara City College Foundation.

“The Santa Barbara Plant Garden is proud to be working with our community partners on the SBEE Garden Project,” said Dr. Denise Kanap. Data collected by our SBC internet shows that local plants are important to support insect pollen. We look forward to seeing this work recognized by SB Beautiful and see it flourish in the years to come. ”

“Exploring the Ecology:“ It’s great to see the SBEE Garden Project recognized by the beautiful Santa Barbara Golden Leaf Award, ”said Linsay Johnson. “We are honored to be a part of this outstanding community project! We look forward to working with you to grow our network of Bioversse Permeation Gardens that will add such beauty to our community. Thank you, beautiful Santa Barbara. ”

SBEE Garden Project Sites: SBCC Permaculture Garden, Explore Ecology School Gardens, Mesa Harmony Garden, Santa Barbara County, United Boys and Girls Clubs Westside, El Centro (Santa Barbara Lower Westside Community Center), Youth Drought Project, And the Santa Barbara Plant Garden.

Extensive Negotiations with sites and partners will connect K-14 students, faculty, the public and environmental researchers on issues related to the rehabilitation of ecological health, water conservation, indigenous and biological communities, and environmental, healthy food production.

Earlier this year, the project received a major $ 100,000 EPA environmental grant from an organization in Santa Barbara County.

Visit the SBEE Garden Project website for more information.

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