2021 Pesticide Resistant Palmer Amhara Administration Day Career Research and Demonstration

Lincoln, NAB-University of Nebraska-Lincoln Herdsides-Defensive Palmer Amhara Management Field Day Research and Demonstrations by the Agronomics and Vegetable Weed Science Team and the Nebsraska Extension near Carloton June 28. Field Day is organized by a trustee. Field is filled with acetolactate synthase inhibitors, acetaminophen and glyphosate-based palmer amaranth and funded by the Nebraska Corn Board.

Palmer Amhara, a member of the Palmer family, is one of the most problematic weeds in Nebraska’s corn and soybean fields. Of particular concern is the Glyphosate-based Palmer Amhara in south-central and west-central Nebraska. In addition, Palmer Amaranth has developed resistance to atrazine and acetylcholine inhibitors.

Demonstrations included –

  • Bob Klein, Professor of Emeritus and Extraordinary Crop Systems, was the guest speaker. He discusses best practices to reduce plant erosion.
  • Amit Jahala, associate professor of Nebraska and Extension Weed Management Specialist, and team members have demonstrated several projects to control Palmmer Amaranth in maize and compared effective, crop safety and new pesticides in a randomized controlled trial.
  • Master Student Tree Estefanos discussed the project, “Row gap and plant eradication programs can affect plant-resistant Palmer Amaran control on maize”.
  • Doctor Ramandep Cowre discusses “Pesting Plans to Control Palmer Amhara in Maize.”
  • Nebraska Extension Instructor Jenny Reese, a pre-emergence emergencies to control Palmer Amaranth in non-GMO-grade white maize, has demonstrated a project to compare soil residues.
  • Jala has already launched a project to evaluate herbicides after being approved by Palmer Amaranth for maize control.

Jahala organized and led the tour. A total of 85 participants, including farmers, crop consultants, extension teachers, postgraduate students, industry representatives and clients. Other aging technicians who contributed to the success of the field day included Irwin Schiefer, office assistant Sharon Hatchell, event coordinator Connie Hansen and postgraduate students Jasmine Masabak, Sean McDonald and Mandep Singh.

Contact Jahla amit.jhala@unl.edu for more information on Nebraska weed science and management.

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