2021 Weed Management Field Day arrangements are available online

Lincoln, NAB – University of Nebraska – Lincoln Weed Management Field Research and Demonstrations by Agronomy and Fruit Weed Science Team and Nebraska Extension at Nebraska South Central Agricultural Laboratory June 23.

Field day presentations are recorded online at https://agronomy.unl.edu/2021-weed-management-field-day-videos.

Demonstrations include a number of weed control projects in maize, soybeans and sorghum, comparing efficiency, crop safety, and new herbicides to weed control. Many pesticide crop technologies include herbicides and crop safety XtendFlex soybeans.

  • Trian Estefanos, a student of agronomy masters, and Jenny Res-Green, a teacher at Nebraska Extension, provide information on the interaction between planting and growing a cover crop. Weed control pests in soybeans.
  • Nathan Mለርller, a Nebraska extension teacher, discusses a weed control project for corn in an independent Nebraska experiment.
  • Mandep Singh, an agronomy doctoral student, and agronomics master’s student, William Nels, demonstrated a project to control XtendFlex soybean volunteers in maize for prenatal and postnatal weed chemicals.
  • Shawn McDonald, a student of agronomy masters, demonstrated a weed control project in iGrowith and Inzen sorghum.
  • Jasmine Masabak, a student of agronomy masters, has led a project to evaluate alternatives to weed control in maize.
  • Ramadep Cow, a doctoral student of agronomy, discusses what to do when soybean-resistant soybeans live together.

Amit Jala, associate professor of agronomy and horticulture and extension weed management specialist, organizes annual extension days each year to present the results of herb management research to Nebraska producers, crop consultants, extension educators, industry representatives and postgraduate students.

Others who contributed to the successful field day were Michael Cindler, Nebraska Extension Assistant Extension Instructor, and East Nebraska Research and Extension Center Research Manager Michael Schleck, AG Research Technician Irwin Schiefer, Office Assistant Sharon Hatkle, and Summer Students and South Central Ag Lab .

Contact Jahla amit.jhala@unl.edu for more information on Nebraska weed science and management.

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