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The picture is of the entrance to Carlisle High School.

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Here is an overview of public school districts in Cumberland County:

Big Spring School District

Address – 45 Mountain Rock Road, Newville

Municipalities: Cook City, Newville Boro, Lower Miflin City, Upper Miflin City, Lower Frankford City, Upper Frankford City, South Newton City, North Newton City, Penn City, West Pensborough City

Population of the district – 19,000

Supervisor – Kevin Roberts

School Board: William Swanson, Robert Over, David Gutshal, Todd Dehl, William Piper, Richard Rush, John Wardle, Alexis Blasco-Hurley and Frank Myers. The school board meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 8 p.m. Committee meetings are held before regular board meetings begin. The meetings are held in a large group room or in a high school hall.

The last teachers’ strike 1993-94 school year

100 Mountain Rock Road, Newville

Main: William August

43 Mountain Rock Road, Newville

Mountain Rock Elementary School

47 Mountain Rock Road, Newville

Newville Elementary School

100 Steelstown Road, Newville

Main: William Wonders

Oak Flat Elementary School

334 Centerville Road, Newville

Camp Hill School District

Address – 2627 Chestnut St., Camp Hill

Municipalities – Camp Hill Boro

The population of the district – 7,600

Supervisor – Daniel Surf

School Board – Stephen Carl, Randall Gale, Arthur Urs Russell Jr., Gregory Lamay, Neil Connell, Lori Kennedy, Robert Latam, Melanie Gurgillo, and Geoffrey Mac Inroy. The school board meets on the second and third Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. The second Monday of the meeting is a working session; The third Monday is a regular board meeting. The meetings are held in the middle school and high school cafeteria.

Camp Hill Senior High School

100 S. 24th St., Camp Hill

2401 Chestnut St., Camp Hill

Eisenhower Elementary School

340 N. 21st St., Camp Hill

420 S. 24th St., Camp Hill

Main: Elaine Zarnakki

Carlis Area School District

Address: 623 W. Penn St., Carlis

Municipalities: Carlisle County, Holly Springs, North Middleton, Dixon and Carlisle.

The number of districts – 34,700

Supervisor: Christina Spillbauer

School Board – Paula Bussard, Linda Manning, Bruce Clash, Rick Copelen, Gerald Abby, Brian Guillaume, Anne Lawrence, John Tarantine and Deborah Sweeney. The school board meets for its regular work on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm If necessary, committee meetings are held on the first or second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. All board meetings will be held at the Foller Education Center, 623 W. Penn St., Carlisle Board Room.

The last teachers’ strike was five days in May 2006

623 W. Penn St., Carlis

777 S. Hanover St., Carlis

Main: Keith Colstock

900 Waggonner Street, Carlis

Belarus Elementary School

905 Waggonner Street, Carlis

Crestview Elementary School

240 Longing Street, Carlis

Main: Aaron Carmikael

Hamilton Elementary School

Main: Monique Wallace

110 E. South St., Carlis

Main: Barbara Wolgmuth

Morland Elementary School

Mount Holly Springs Elementary School

110 Mooreland Ave. , Mount Holly Springs

North Dickinson Elementary School

151 N. Dickinson Road, Carlisle

Main: Brian Gochenur

Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School (AVTS)

Address: 110 Old Willow Mill Road, Mechanicsburg

Member District Registration – Big Spring, Camp Hill, Carlis, Cumberland Valley, East Pensboro, Greenwood, Mechanicsburg, Newport, North York, South Middleton, Sussex, Upper Adams, West Perry, West Shore

Submissions – 9, 10, 11, 12

Occupational and technical programs – Advertising and art design, automotive conflict technology, carpentry, computer networking, computer programming, cosmetology, criminal justice, culinary arts, dental assistance, diesel technology, pre-school education, electrical construction and maintenance, electronics technology, Graphic communications, horticulture / landscaping, HIV, logistics and warehouse management, construction, nursing, precision machine technology, welding and social studies

Cumberland Valley School District

Address – 6746 Carlis Pike, Mechanicsberg

Municipalities: Hampden, Middlex, Monroe and Silver Spring

Supervisor – David Christopher

School Board – Michael Gosher, Heather Dunn, Brian Drape, Greg Rowsh, Barbara Gaiswit, Mille Nestor, Budd Shafner, Jevon Ford and Jessica Silcox. The school board meets on the first and third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. Committee meetings are held before board meetings. Meetings will be held at the District Office of the District Board, 6746 Carlis Pike.

The last teachers’ strike – three days in 1990

Cumberland Valley High School

6746 Carlis Pike, Mechanicsberg

Main: Nicole Malinosky

Cumberland Valley 9th Grade Academy (CV9)

451 Skyport Road, Mechanicsburg

6746 Carlis Pike, Mechanicsberg

Main: John Gallagher

Mountain View Middle School

451 Skyport Road, Mechanicsburg

Main: Jeff Josefeld

Green Ridge Elementary School

1 Green Ridge Road, Mechanicsburg

Hampden Elementary School

441 Skyport Road, Mechanicsburg

Middlex Elementary School

250 North Midwest Avenue, Carlis

Main: Stephanie Eldridge

1240 Boiling water, boiling water sources

Silver Spring Elementary School

6746 Carlis Pike, Mechanicsberg

Sporting Hill Elementary School

210 S. Sport Hill Road, Mechanicsburg

Main: Dayl Lynn Shaddock

Spiral Creek Elementary School

33 Bali Highway, Mechanicsburg

East Pensborough Area School District

Address: 890 Valley St., Anola, Pa. 17025

Municipalities: East Pensboro City, Anola, Samerdale, West Fairvis City, Camp Hill Rooms

The population of the district – 12,000

Supervisor – Donna Dunar

School Board – Dennis Helm, David Crossier, Jason Oiler, Patty Gilbert, Mike Jones, Leslie Marshall, Stephanie Andrejek, Steven Deweyheiser and Denise Pearson. The Board will meet on the first Monday and the third Monday of each month at 7:30 a.m. at the District Administration Center, 890 Valley St., Anola.

The last teachers’ strike – 1991

East Pensboro Area High School

Main: Jonathan Butcher

East Pensboro Area Middle School

529 N Enola Drive, Enola

East Pensboro Elementary School

840 Panther Highway, Anola

Main: Richard Tysarczyk

West Creek Hills Elementary School

400 Erford Road, Camp Hill

Main: Michael Petropola

Mechanicsburg School District

Address – 100 E. Elmwood Ave., Mechanicsburg

Municipalities-Mekansburg and Sheremanst Town Districts and Upper Allen City

The population of the district – 26,000

Supervisor: Mark Lady

School Board – Dawn Mary, John Rupp, Tracy Morgan, Richard Bradley, Dennis Burhard, Ryan Hartman, Laine Lebo, Joshua Rhodes, and Brian Sanker. The school board meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. The second Tuesday is a regular board meeting; The fourth Tuesday is the session.

Last teachers’ strike: Threats from 1988-89, but no strike.

Mechanicsburg High School

500 S. Broad St., Mechanicsburg

Mechanicsburg Middle School

1750 S. Market St., Mechanicsburg

100 E. Elmwood Ave. , Mechanicsberg

Main: Joseph Underkoffler

Broad Street Elementary School

200 S. Broad St., Mechanicsburg

Main: Estas Alexander

North Side Elementary School

411 N. Walnut St., Mechanicsburg

Shepherdstown Elementary School

1849 S. York St., Mechanicsburg

Main: Christa Arkbald

Upper Allen Elementary School

1790 S. Market St., Mechanicsburg

505 S. Filbert St., Mechanicsburg

Main: Kathleen Haley

Shepinsburg Area School District

Address: 317 N. Morris St., Shippensburg

Municipalities – Tesfwell City, Newburg Boro, Shipensburg County, Shipinsburg, Southampton (Cumberland County), Southampton (Franklin County) and Orton Town

Number of districts – 28,000

Supervisor: Chris Supo

School Board: Mark Butterbaw, Charles Suders, Jim Bardard, Hunter Meridet, Duven Burt, Jeno Tory, Nathan Gotes, Michael Liman, Fred Scott and Erica Borg. The Board of Education will meet regularly on the fourth Monday of each month, except December. The Board will also meet publicly on the second Monday of each month, with the exception of December and July. All meetings will begin at 7:30 pm at the Chipensia Central School, 101 Park Place, Shipinsburg.

Taxes 12.07 (Cumberland County)

The last teachers’ strike was in the 1980s

Shepinsburg area high school

201 Eberley Drive, Shipinsburg

Shepinsburg Area Middle School

101 Park Place, Shipinsburg

Main: Bernadette Benbow

Shepinsburg Area Middle School

601 Hollar Ave. , Shipinsburg

James Berd Elementary School

600 Brad St., Shipinsburg

Grace B. Luhers University Elementary School

1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg

Nancy Grayson Elementary School

301 Lurgan Street, Shipinsburg

South Middleton School District

Address – 4 Forge Road, Boiling Sources

Municipalities – South Middleton City

Population: 14,500 inhabitants

Supervisor: Matthew Stein

School Board – Elizabeth Notes, William Hartman, Brad Group, Betan Sellers, Stacey Canavel, Elizabeth McKrantz, John Greenbam, Denise Macrov and Jonathan now. The Board of Directors meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. Board Committee meetings are held before 6 p.m.

The last teacher strike – 1981

Hot Springs High School

4 Forge Road, Boiling Sources

Yellow Breach Middle School

4 Forge Road, Boiling Sources

Iron Forge Elementary School

4 Forge Road, Boiling Sources

WG Rice Elementary School

805 Holly Pike, Holly Springs Mountain

West Shore School District

Address: 507 Fishing Creek Road, PO Box 803, New Cumberland

Municipalities: Lemoine County, New Cumberland Boro, Wormelsburgh District, Goldborough Boro, Lewisberry Boro, Fairwayway, Lower Alan City and Newber City.

The population of the district – 62,000

Supervisor -Tod Stoltz

School Board – Judith Krosinzi, Brian Gustweit, Frank Cambridge, Sherry Moyer, Abigail Tirney, Deborah Schwartz, Richard Sar, Frederick Stoltenberg and Michael Wilson. The school board meets at the district administration center on the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. Study sessions will take place last week at 7 p.m.

Taxes: 12.75 Cumberland County

The last teachers’ strike 1988

Check out Cumberland County resident schools below:

1301 Carlisle Road, Camp Hill

Main: Kevin Fillgrove

Red Land High School

560 Fishing Creek Road, Louisville

Main: Melissa Herbert

4225 Getisburg Road, Camp Hill

New Cumberland Middle School

331 Eighth Street, New Cumberland

Main: Christian de Annebale

Highland Elementary School

1325 Carlisle Road, Camp Hill

Hillside Elementary School

516 Seventh Avenue, New Cumberland

Main: Julie Degree

Lower Allen Elementary School

4100 Getisburg Road, Camp Hill

Rossmoyne Elementary School

1225 Rossmoyne Road, Mechanicsburg

Washington Heights Elementary School

531 Walnut Street, Lemoine

Main: Mi Michel Trevino


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