The Dubai Center offers horticultural education for determined people

Photo provided Dubai – Vocational training teaches students on home-grown vegetables, information, collection, receipt and packaging. By Saman Hazik Published Friday, June 25, 2021, 9:27 p.m. The Dubai Adult Special Needs Center is set to introduce a comprehensive vocational training program in horticulture to promote healthy eating and professionalism among committed people. The Special Needs … Read more

The Dubai Center offers a gardening course for dedicated people

Vocational training course teaches students to grow fruits and vegetables, gather information, harvest, bill and pack in the yard. The Center for Adults with Special Needs in Dubai has launched a comprehensive vocational training program in horticulture to promote healthy eating and professional skills among committed people. Special Needs Future Development Center (SNF) has partnered … Read more

New Nevada Chief Horticultural Training Online | University of Nevada, Reno

Kathleen Brinkerhoff, the new state coordinator for the University of Nevada, Neneva Reno Extension Gardener, is bringing online horticulture education and training to ensure consistency and greater access to the program. As a state coordinator, Brenkerhoff provides state-of-the-art gardening programs in Nevada, creating statewide courses for all districts. One of the main goals of One … Read more

Springfield, Illinois University announces non-credit online certificates in cannabis education: Greenway Magazine

Of University of Springfield, Illinois The Office of Continuing and Vocational Education (CAPA) has partnered with Green Flower to provide non-credit online certificates for cannabis education. Each online program includes three, eight-week online courses. The expanding cannabis industry is creating demand for more skilled workers. According to Business Wire, cannabis is one of the fastest … Read more

Max Alph fosters a love for plants

Max Alff.

When Max Alf graduated from high school, he did not intend to study for a long time. He is registered with the ACC State Agricultural Institute for Jewelry and Landscaping Technology, and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree and enter the workforce. I enjoy working in the landscape industry and I don’t want to spend … Read more

Gardener Flora Warton has a lesson for every trader.

Cleveland Botanical GardenCydni Elledge Interview with Sarah BayPhotograph by Cydni Elledge A.D. In 1976, Flora Warton opened Herb & Plants, a floral design business in Shaker Heights, a predominantly white Cleveland neighborhood. “I don’t buy it because I don’t like white people in my area or some black people who say I’m trying to be … Read more

Vegetable and Fruit Line – Feed your grass, trees and shrubs

Time is flying again! It is already in mid-June. The record’s cool nights have changed the way grass wakes up, with a lack of rain. The heat brings new conditions to the landscape. Moisture is definitely restored. Now, there is a great opportunity for those who love fragrance. I know I mentioned this many times … Read more

Auburn Agricultural College uses high-tech transportation containers to produce on-campus dining products

Part of the article Reusable transport containers have become popular in recent years, turning everything from home to small stores — but Auburn University Agricultural College is partnering with campus feeders to use their own “straight” farms to serve their produce. For students. In April, the college acquired two trucks carrying modified technology at state-of-the-art … Read more

Using high-tech shipping containers to increase campus feed production for Auburn College

Part of the article Recycled shipping containers have become popular in recent years by turning everything from home to small stores — but Auburn University Agricultural College is using them as “permanent” farms to produce produce in conjunction with campus food. For students. In April, the college acquired two container farms that transformed technologically advanced … Read more