The Mantu County community gardener aims to address malnutrition.

Patch News January 31, 2022 The community garden at the Dorsenif Neighborhood Partnership Center is working to involve people in urban gardening in the Mantu community to address the food security problem in the area. Find out what’s going on inside Philadelphia With patch free real-time updates. The garden was established in In 2014, it will … Read more

Helping Horticultural businesses find a safe product

Workshop, Department of Labor, Local and Regional Employment and Employment Authority are organizing a free online information session to help farmers understand the latest health and safety standards, CV-19 employer obligations and responsibilities for current employees. Representatives of the Victorian and Victorian Farmers Federation of Agriculture will be involved in providing information on current labor … Read more

Hp Cabinet OK Drug Risk Reduction Policy | Shimla News – Indian Times

The Himalayan Pradesh Cabinet has issued an integrated drug prevention policy to Himalayan Pradesh to address the drug threat in the state. This policy aims to address the serious problem of drug trafficking, drug abuse, drug development, production and use. It also aims to strengthen intergovernmental and inter-agency coordination mechanisms through multidisciplinary collaboration by sharing … Read more

Two Ten Ten Flowers City Garden

What-on, food-wine, In mid-December, a friend of mine, Maggie Taylor, and I met at a local café in Aranda for breakfast. I ordered a slice of zucchini with smoked salmon and greens on the special menu. I said Canberra still does not have zucchini crops. Then I went for a walk in the cafe town … Read more

Saskatchewan beekeepers honey bee day

Saskatchewan beekeepers want Canada to celebrate May 29th as Honey Bee Day – to recognize the work of insects in food production and to raise awareness about the dangers of bee colonies. “For most of our food crops, more than 70 food crops in Canada alone are responsible,” says Clinton Edahl. ”[The decline of bees] … Read more

Pacific workers in Queensland have called for improvements to the current labor program.

A group of seasonal workers discuss their concerns with a lawyer in Bundaberg.

Australia’s current labor plans are being compared to modern slavery, with a group of Pacific workers in the Bundesburg region of Queensland protesting against their wages and living conditions. Highlights: Current employees in Bundaburg are raising concerns about pay and living conditions. In Australia, the treatment of Pacific workers is similar to the current labor … Read more

Economic Survey 2021-22 Fiscal space may allow capital expenditure.

Anantha Nageswaran

A.D. The 2021 Economic Survey, written by Senior Economics Adviser Sanjev Sanal and his North Block team, misses not only one of the volumes launched by former Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramania but also no big idea. Government. In previous economic surveys such ideas as Jan Dhan-Aadhar-Mobile (JAM) Trinity, Universal Basic Revenue and … Read more