Horticulture students collect Cosmic Crisp™ apple genome – WSU Insider

Take a giant garbage bag full of shredded documents and put them back together. The bag contains millions of two-inch units. ready? go over! Stephen Ficklin, a computational biologist and assistant professor in Washington State University’s Department of Horticulture, describes the project he, postdoctoral researcher Huting Zhang, and their undergraduate and graduate students are conducting. … Read more

Cook something great in FoodLab

By February, Judian Carmack-Fayyaz hopes this greenhouse will be full of students taking a horticulture workshop. Summer is approaching, but there’s a feeling of fall in the air at FoodLab at Stony Brook’s Southampton campus. In October, Stony Brook named Judean Carmack-Fayaz as the FoodLab’s director of education, and starting Jan. 17, the FoodLab will … Read more

Maine Horticulture is seeking businesses and organizations to host an intern training program

ORONO – Businesses and organizations interested in hosting a Maine Horticulture Apprentice are encouraged to register on the Maine Cooperative Extension website at https://extension.umaine.edu/gardening/learn/maine-horticulture-apprentice-training-micro- Testimonials/why-host-main-horticulture-intern-trainee/. The Maine Horticulture Apprenticeship is a three-part comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with an entry-level horticulture education suitable for skilled entry into the horticulture industry. Developed with input from … Read more

The Indiana Horticulture Conference and Expo is back in person for fruit and vegetable growers

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The annual Indiana Horticultural Conference and Expo (IHC) returns to West Lafayette on January 23rd and 24th. Beginners and experienced small and large garden and fruit operators are invited to join Purdue agricultural specialists and educators for two days. Educational sessions and networking with Indiana and Midwestern farmers and vendors. Educational … Read more

Indigenous food ways highlight course

University of Wisconsin Nicole Miller Madison, Wis. – On a February afternoon, about 60 students gathered around a campfire on the Madison campus of Wisconsin-DeJope residence hall. They were part of the Horticulture 380 course – Indigenous Foodways: Food and Race Sovereignty. They were there to learn about the ice fishing, game hunting, and foodways … Read more

From the classroom to the greenhouse: the club has found success in growing poinsettias

This year, the Horticulture Club grew over 450 individual poinsettias for their annual fundraiser. By Madeline Ostendorf Hannah Kramer and the seven members of the Poinsettia Fundraising Committee sit in the Horticulture Hall Greenhouse on Tuesday evenings, leaning against tables of multicolored poinsettias that fill the space. The committee is in the final stages of … Read more