Dakota Gardener: Try gardening

By Kelsey Deckert, Horticultural Agent NDSU Extension – Burleigh and Morton counties It’s hard to believe that we are already a month into the new year. How are your New Year’s resolutions going so far? Statistically speaking, most of us don’t even get to the end of January with our resolutions. If your resolutions involve … Read more

The most important gardening tasks in February – signals AZ

Audio of text made possible by CAST11 Prescott Podcast Network. A Talking Glass Media product. This week, Ken Laine, a mountain gardener at Waters Garden Center in Prescott, shares February’s most important gardening tips. Organize your garden with our February Gardening Checklist and get some tips for beginners. February gardens are looking for spring. The … Read more

These are some of the best berries to grow in your garden this spring.

Getty Images If you’re ready to expand your vegetable garden to include some of your favorite fall fruits, why not consider adding berries to the mix? Not only do berries ripen quickly (so you can enjoy the harvest in a season or two), but they also make delicious fresh summer cakes and spring desserts! But … Read more

A woman goes out into the garden and sees a man sleeping in her flower bed.

On a recent dreary day in Malvern, Pennsylvania, a woman named Karen looked around her yard and found a strange stranger sitting in the flower beds staring at her. Facebook/Buddha Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation The poor dog was wet, dirty and cold. Karen brought the puppy a blanket and a bowl of chicken soup, then … Read more

Merryspring Nature Center has announced a new director

John Fromm of Appleton is the new program director at Maryspring Nature Center. Fryer, who replaced Brett Willard in that position, began in mid-January and will oversee MarySpring’s many and varied academic programs. These include the weekly Tuesday Talk series, weekend workshops, summer ecocamps, free family events, and environmental outreach with local schools and other … Read more

Submitted design: Dear Prime Minister’s questions reflect on the failure of 2 sisters

//= shortcode(‘[in-content-square]”)?” Leslie Griffiths stood in for Mark Drakeford on FMQ today Sean Williams First Minister’s Inquiries this week was the most divisive issue, as everyone sadly knows why Mark Drakeford was not in office himself. Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Rural Affairs and Minister for North Wales, took questions today (January 31) on behalf of … Read more

Yard and Garden: Propagation of House Plants.

Many common houseplants can be propagated by cuttings from stems or leaves. (Photo courtesy of Iowa State University) AMES – When houseplants are too large or require many plants, many of them can be propagated by plants. Plant propagation involves growing new plants from plant parts such as leaves and stems. Many species are easily … Read more