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BHOPAL: The Medicaid government’s decision to impose a 27% ABC quota on exams and recruitment unless the Supreme Court rules the case could affect a number of entrance exams / recruitment tests conducted by the MP Professional Examinations Board (MPPEB). To the State Government Employment Agency.
MPPEB, formerly known as Vippam, is scheduled to conduct more than 10 entrance exams between October 2021 and March 2022.
One of the major ones is the recruitment of 4,000 police stations in October-November this year. The test was scheduled for April this year, but was postponed due to the second wave of cholera virus.
At the same time, the recruitment test for rural horticultural development officers is scheduled. Another major recruitment test expected in February 2022 is the recruitment of Assistant Class 3, Literary, Tenographers, and Information Operators. Another challenge, scheduled for February 2022, is to hire domestic workers, mental health workers, program managers in the Child Development Department and district managers in the Skills Development Unit.
According to the MPPEB website, state governments will hold a recruitment test for junior accountants in March 2022. Recruitment of training officers will take place in the Skills Development Directorate. March 2022. Group (2) subgroup (2) in the state government will also conduct a public analyst / chemist recruitment test in March 2022. The MPPEB website test program for the district recruitment test will also be held in the same month, he said.
In addition, the Animal and Fishing Entrance Examination is scheduled for October 2021, and the Pre-Agricultural Entrance Examination and Prenatal Choice Test will be held in the same month.
The Supreme Court seeks information on candidates who are on the MPPSC eligibility list
A.D. Following a series of complaints against amendments to the 2020 State Civil Service Examination Laws, the MPPSC, which includes Chief Justice Mohammed Rafiq and Judge VK Shuklan, called on the MPPSC and state government to provide information on candidates from the respective categories. Eligible for the main test in the Civil Service Examination 2019 on unoccupied seats.
Applicants’ amendments to the test rules do not limit the number of seats available to candidates from the waiting list, which is contrary to the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in the case of Indira Sahni.
Applicants have requested the cancellation of the January 2020 Regional Civil Service Examinations, the results of which are based on amended laws by 2020.
Applicants argued that restricting the choice of candidates only to posts reserved for candidates was a violation of Articles 14, 15, 16 and 21 of the Constitution, and that all sections of society, including candidates from the general category, should be reserved.
The petitions were filed by MPPSC. He said he has noticed advertisements for vacancies in government civil service in 2019.
According to the results, 40% of the seats are for the general category, 14% for the ABCs (although the ABC bond is 27% in the vacancies), 10% for the EOWs, 20% for the STs and 16% for the SS.


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