4-h ribbons were awarded at the government show

Local 4-H students brought home several ribbons during a Kentucky state show last week.

AdyMae Williams, a 13-year-old seventh-grader at East Hardin Middle School, received several ribbons from the Cloverville Exhibition.

At least she likes to put in as many items as possible in the county fair, so she has to get at least a few to go to the state fair.

One of the reasons she competes every year is the prize money she puts into college. She also wants people to see what she has accomplished during the year.

Brian and Kruch, 13, are in eighth grade.

“I am proud of what I have done and what I have found,” she said. I enjoy being creative, so I look forward to new things coming into the show every year.

He said the feedback was important so that she could improve and challenge herself.

“I enjoyed doing everything I could and they always looked for introductions that matched my skills,” she said.

13-year-old Jenna and 10-year-old Brady Pike are brothers and sisters involved in projects at the government fair.

Jenna was a seventh-grader at Peak Christian Academy and won a blue ribbon on butter crackers.

“I am happy to have a blue ribbon, but I wish I had more,” she said. It was fun to show off my projects so that others could see them.

Brady, a fifth-grader, renovated an old wooden bench and found a 2-yard sale. He was washed clean, scratched, and sanded.

He enjoys fixing things and his mother thinks it will be a fun project for him.

“I am proud to have done something I have never done before,” he said. It was fun to find my project and see what other people came in and what was fun.

Miss Hardin County 2021, Holly Fullington, has been part of the 4-H for seven years and said her art goes to the state show every year.

“I love 4-H and it gave me the opportunity to show my skills in so many ways,” she said. “This year I won a champion in a sketch at the Hardin County Show and then received a blue ribbon at a government fair.

She enjoys going to state shows every year.

“I love the food, I see the projects and I see all the farm animals,” she said. We always go as a family and it’s a great way to see us all come together and celebrate Kentucky.

Other local winners –

Zaylee Brangers, Learn to Sew Blue String – Part 1, Clothing Option.

Jesse Brock, Blue Ribbon for Electric Magic, Electricity, Battery and Circuits.

Adelene Bunnel, red ribbons for junior general cake decoration; Junior General 4-H Cake Decoration; And 4-H Arts and Crafts Jr. Acrylic is still life.

Brian and Threads, Blue Ribbon for 4-H Arts and Crafts Junior Round Shape; Crochet item red ribbons and home environment Part 1, color collage, using intermediate skills to shape / assemble multiple pieces together; White ribbon for home environment Part II, invitation and thank-you note.

Holly Mullington, Blue Ribbon for 4-H Arts and Crafts.

Patricia Keys, Blue Ribbon for 4-H Arts and Crafts Senior Clay; Red Ribbon for Wood Science Level 3, not tool; White ribbons for photography, farming and photography management, urban landscape photography; Green Ribbon for Photographic Natural Resources, Forest.

Bow Langley, 607 red ribbons for the Crop Project Yellow canned corn, last year’s crop and soybean crop, last year’s crop.

Milan Locket, Red Ribbon for 4-H Arts and Crafts Top Jewels (Traditions); White ribbon for photographic natural resources, natural view.

Nathan Morgan, Blue Ribbon for Electric Magic – Home Galvanomete.

Clair Nusbaamer, Blue Ribbon for 4-H Arts and Crafts Junior Clay; Red ribbon for forest leaf collection – 1st year.

Sera Patrick, blue ribbon should be a common choice for sewing.

Bethany Pike, blue ribbon for needle 824 Several types of embroidery – sewn embroidery; For photo farms, animals and photography FCS, family red ribbons.

Brady Pike, blue ribbon for Home Class III, furniture piece upgraded.

Jenna Pike, three-pack biscuits of blue ribbon for food exhibitions; Red ribbons using advanced cricket skills for 4-H Arts and Crafts Junior Water Color and Needle 820 item; For food, white ribbons show a cup of coffee cake with three tops on top.

Josie Pike, Red Ribbon 4-H Club Notebook for Leadership and Communication Project.

Makayla Post. , Blue Ribbon for 4-H Arts and Crafts Senior Acrylic Still Life; 4-H Arts and Crafts Senior Pen & Ink; And Home Environment Part III, for a 4-H member replacement home; Red ribbons for sewing entertainment options and home environment Part II, for home and jewelry items.

Timothy Quine, Green Ribbon for 4-H Arts and Crafts Junior Jewelry (Traditions).

Kira Strows, blue ribbons for photographic natural resources, wildlife; Photograph garden, single black and white; And photograph garden, single color; Red ribbons for photographic natural resources, water; Photographic styles / designs; Photographic collection, movement; And photography comics, music.

Maggie Stucker, blue ribbons for 4-H Arts and Crafts Junior Color Pencil and 4-H Arts and Crafts Junior Pen and Paint; Many types of embroidery for embroidery Red ribbon – free embroidery.

Tree Stucker, blue ribbon for power cord, desk, table, lamp.

Claton Thomas, 604 Mixed Mix, Red Ribbon, 1/2 Ball for Crop Project.

Kyle Thomas, Blue Ribbon for Leadership & Communication Project Senior Division, Resume; White ribbon for vegetable and fruit science squash, in the summer.

Camden Thompson, Blue Ribbon for 4-H Arts and Crafts Junior Art Trends.

Eli Thompson, Red Ribbon for Photography, 4-h event.

Anna Turlington, blue ribbons for high-end watercolor for 4-arts and crafts and 4 -H arts and crafts for senior color pencils.

AdyMae Williams, Blue Ribbon for Youth Improvement Project; Junior loom sweater; House of Garden and Plant Science; Vegetable and Vegetable Science Tomatoes – Cherry, should be ripe. Vegetable and vegetable science peppers – sweet; Vegetable and Plant Science Corn, sweet; Potato and vegetable science potatoes; Wood Science Level 1, Made from a Kit; Photographic collection, mechanics; Foods: three corn cereal exhibitions; And dishes Carrot or zucchini cake exhibitions; Red ribbons for horticultural and horticultural science dish gardens (desert or tropical), garden and horticultural science annual container gardens; Horticultural baskets for horticulture; Garden and Plant Science Window Box Display; Garden and Horticulture Cycling Package Garden; Horticultural and horticultural science garden and / or garden displays; Vegetable and Plant Science Tomato – Beef Steak; Vegetable and Plant Science Cucumber, Pumpkin; Vegetable and Plant Science Beans, Pieces or Lima; Vegetable and plant science eggplant; Crop Project Another Grass Hai, Half Husband; 4-H Arts and Crafts Junior Laser Craft (Traditions); Photography farm, life cycle; Stitch your knit knitting skills – fourth grade; And dishes show a rich chocolate cake; White ribbons for bellies for horticulture and plant science, bell; Vegetable and Plant Science Terrariums; Vegetable and Plant Science Large Tomato (by weight); And photography farming, crops; Green ribbon shows green beans for food protection.

Abigail Wilson, Red Ribbon for Photographic Natural Resources, Insects; White ribbon for photographic natural resources, native plants.

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