4 PAY FORWARD The stylists have recovered from many surgeries and planted a garden for their boss

“But the time she spent here was just to make sure she was happy and loved,” Graves said.

Blake was so impressed with the way James and Mary were planted in the garden that she contacted KOB 4 to help pay 4ward for $ 400.

Blake told Jacob and Mary to take their pictures for something else.

“I know your husband is Trish, but that’s your sister and friend, and I know you feel like she has a lot of surgery. So thank you, I just want to thank you guys a little bit. Pay for channels 4 and 4ward, so are you ready? Mary, thank you so much, and thank you so much for making our little place so beautiful, ”said Blake.

“When she returned six months later, James decided to build a garden for Tish. So every day we added a tree, a plant, a bench, ”said Mary.

James said, “We started packing things from a dollar store, where we came from, if they wanted to know and put in the small boxes, and we started watering.” And when she comes, she makes him happy, and her husband pushes her to see him. ”

While recovering from a series of surgeries, the only way James and Marie Tris could help was by gardening.

“What we did, James, myself and another staff member – we did clients for her, and all the time she was gone, the money went to her to continue the salon,” Mary said.

Mary Trish says she’s doing a lot better, and now she’s back in her spare time.

As I said, we need to show more love not only to our friends and relatives but also to our neighbors, because again such thoughts, such expressions, encourage us to keep smiling, so thank you. ”

“Thank you. Yes, that’s amazing. ”

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