5 new mom types to make your garden showcase

After a long, hot summer, my Petunia, Zinnius, and all my other annual flowers are officially burning. Most of my annual and shrubs also bloom. In short, there is not much flowering in the garden as the growing season decreases. And it is only when mothers are seen in the gardens and grocery stores that they renew their worn out containers and faded flower beds with gold, white, lavender, bronze, yellow, orange or red.

I look forward to seeing the new moms begin to emerge, and they are doing what I expected. Some of my favorite new moms give you perfect flowers, two-colored flowers, and even tree branches that are perfect for hanging. Pay attention to these bright chrysanthemums, make sure you light up your fall garden.

1. Living Red Bicherler

Two-color moms are a big trend when Coco Farms product marketing manager Justin Hancock drops flowers. “In our study, many consumers found that single-color flowers were worth more than the same color,” he said. If you want two colors for the same price, looking for “live red” is an exciting new type of Dummy Orange. This mother boasts orange blossoms in red centers. Although it blooms at the beginning of the season, Petler’s colors hold up well in warmer climates.

2. Fire Halo Orange

Another new two-color mom for 2021, Fire Halo Orange from Ball Garden Development Company mid-bloom, with bright orange centers in bright orange. The plant is strong up to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, and well tolerates heat and snow. This sturdy plant grows 20-36 inches wide and 14-24 inches tall.

3. Cracklin ‘Golden Yellow

Katie Rotella, a football spokeswoman, explains that some mothers show more than one color, even though they are not technically dual. She cites “creek” golden yellow, another new-for-2021 species as an example. The yellow flowers open up, especially in cold weather. Eventually, the flowers turn golden yellow.

4. 24 Karamum Gold

Two-color moms also say, “Another trend we see is the big flower,” says Hancock. 24KaraMum Gold is a new type of “Dummy Orange” that is much older than the series of mothers of ten years or more. Also look for 24KaraMum Bronze with equally large orange-yellow flowers.

5. Skyfall Garden Mom

Special cascading mums are also appearing. “In recent years, the Skyfall Mothers’ Hanging Basketball has been a favorite,” says Rotella. The plants are more round in shape, and are more distributed than traditional moms. They grow beautifully in hanging baskets 7 to 11 inches. Available in lemon yellow, pink, white, red, purple and yellow, Skyfall moms range in height from 20 to 30 inches and 8 to 14 inches in height. For more color display, you may find two or three different colors growing together in a basket.

Whichever mom you choose, be sure to buy shrubs packed with figs or flowers Only It will start showing color views because they last longer. Then use your new moms to replace dead plants in your existing containers to decorate your porch, porch or porch. Mothers of flowers carry the show until the fall.

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