5Ws + 1H እንዴት How to do a simple step: Pest control at home, in the garden.

Ants, flies and termites are unwelcome visitors to local homes and gardens. Pest control calls can usually solve these problems, but indoor options can get rid of these tricky slippers.

At Tahlequah Farmers’ Co-Op, longtime sales writer Kathy Schmidt gives advice to homeowners who want to take the do-it-yourself approach.

“Most pest control companies buy their own pest control and mix their own spray,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt: These concentrations are also available for purchase by ordinary people. Biffane is a popular choice for pesticides.

“There is no problem with indoor or outdoor use,” Schmidt said. “You just have to wait for it to dry.”

With longer stays, the election results last two months. However, for more widespread distribution, Schmidt suggests an alternative.

“The ants are so numerous that they are difficult to kill,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt says that liquid ant nets are more effective for ants than spraying. Unlike spraying that kills only the visible ants, fishing attracts ants and directs their treatment to the rest of the colony.

“[Ants] “One of the most common mistakes people make now is to avoid mistakes,” Schmidt said [liquid ant bait.]”

In terms of prevention, Schmidt ants attract water and food to homes.

“They like anything edible or moist,” Schmidt said. “Keep fodder for animals, pick it up at night, they like cat and dog food.”

For ants and other common indoor and garden pests, there are many more options. Grass seeds are a very popular choice.

Schmidt “You can use cereals to prevent ticks in your backyard.” “You have to water them.”

To complement this step, Schmidt, people often distribute grain before it rains. She warned that the grains were strong. There are also natural remedies.

“Dimatemaseous earth,” said Schmidt. “It is safe for animals and humans. You do not want to breathe inside.”

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