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Despite my insomnia and persistent stubbornness, I clearly remember a moment from the early days when my eldest son was at home – my mother was in town to help, my wife was at paternity leave and my son slept peacefully. However, I could not keep myself away from my child to get the much-needed sleep during the day. As a new parent, the love I felt for my child was expected – but it wasn’t. The moment I tried to close my eyes, I felt dragged back and forth to check on his safety.

He. it was. Exhausting. And, of course, he did not do us any favors. That’s why I had to laugh every time I heard the advice, “The baby sleeps when it sleeps.” For me, it wasn’t that easy. In order for my son to get a good night’s sleep, I had to make sure he was doing well. Although my video baby monitor at the time could provide the vision of the baby I had dreamed of, it was still an incomplete picture of how he actually did it. (Not to mention that sleeping with one eye open is not really effective.)

Coming for my second child Owlet Smart Sock + Kam Duon This is why my whole parenting experience has changed so much when I arrived on time. As the first smart baby monitor combination that goes above and beyond the video stream, Dou allowed me to monitor my baby’s heart rate, oxygen level and sleep patterns – without having to be in a room or even waking up to check on the baby. . With the peace of mind that my son slept well, I was finally able to get a better quality of rest. (AKA, Great gift for any new parent!)

The Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Duo is truly the best baby monitor in many leagues. Let’s break it down …

You will get a complete view of your child’s safety.

As a new parent with a traditional video controller, I didn’t know what I was missing. So as I got my hands on the Owlet Smart Sock, my eyes opened to see how much better the monitoring experience would be – working not only on how my child looked, but also reading what was going on. I was in their precious little body It’s full Drawing.

The easy-to-use control app shows the baby’s video feed and real-time readings for heart rate and oxygen levels at the same time, and you can even monitor the temperature in the baby’s room with a cam sensor. It’s much safer than running into a room to test how they work!

You can help your child develop healthy sleep habits.

This feature is important at the next level: Audit Smart Sox allows you to monitor your baby’s sleep patterns — including total sleep hours, number of wakes, sleep quality, and more. All of that is worthless feedback when you want to help your baby’s sleep habits move in the right direction.

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You can sleep more peace of mind.

For me, the biggest benefit to the Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Duo was the relief it provided. Trusting that he would get instant notification whenever I needed it, I could relax more when I had the chance.

Even better, Oulett promises this promise to all buyers in 30 nights of peace of mind. That allows you to try the Duo for up to 30 days and return it if you are not satisfied. (Which, really, is unthinkable!)

Video control quality is unmatched.

With my old video controller, I had to put it * just * to see my son’s view – and then I hope it didn’t sway the frame at night. With Owlet Cam 130 degree wide angle view and 4x zoom, it’s easy to keep your baby in your eyes. A self-adjusting HD night vision will give you even a better view of your baby at night than trying to get into the dark room to test yourself.

Children’s readings will receive notifications when they leave pre-zonal zones.

With Duo, you know the moment your child needs you. Owl Base site and free app send instant notifications when your child lets go of “pre-zones” in their readings, so you can be quick to check them out. You can also turn on voice and activity notifications when your child wakes up.

In addition, Smart Connect connects to the base station via Bluetooth, so you will still receive notifications even if WI-FI is turned off or you do not have your phone.

Data and video streaming is secure.

They want your child’s vision and safety image — but that doesn’t mean everyone should have access to it. All data is secure and encrypted, which means you have full control over where you can stream video or view health readings. But don’t worry – with your permission and a few simple steps you Can Share access with a partner or guardian via the Aulet app.

Duo HSA and FSA approved.

Combining Smart Sock and Cam together you get the best price for both. Still, don’t panic at first glance. With the option of splitting payments into monthly pieces or using HSA / FSA funds to buy a duo, the peace of mind may be lower than you think.

And, Hint-hint, The duo adds up the perfect baby registry. Trust me, if I can go back when I sign up for products, this will be the first item on the list.

Take a closer look Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Duo– And think about how much better you and your baby can sleep.

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