$ 7.25M Bayside House on Long Island with 15-acre landscaped gardens and beachfront Spanish | 6 square feet

List of photographs by Douglas Elman

Wow with Capital-W. The $ 7,250,000 home on Long Island, Mauritius Bay, is filled with 15 hectares of gardens, including a landscaped rose garden, sculpture, a general koi pond, and even a vineyard. Over 850 feet in front of the waterfront, along with a Spanish beach and private dock, a solarium, a terrace, a huge pool, a gazebo and a guest house with a second pool. Another reason why the house has been transformed into this stylish estate for more than 25 years by fashion industry icon Rose Mari Bravo, who has made Berberine a global luxury brand.

At Tuthill Cove, the 15-hectare property known as Kassa Brava and The Lodge includes the main house (pictured above) and the guest house (pictured below). Built in 1980.

Rose Marie Bravo and her husband, William Jackie, bought the house 25 years ago while traveling around Berberry. During their trip, Mr. Jackie Massion Global explained that he was inspired to restore what he had seen in the garden design, including the Queen’s Rose Garden. There are fences, water features, magical sculptures, high-altitude and winding terraces throughout the courtyard.

The area around the Koi pond, according to the list, “Koi includes a few pools that are connected by narrowing the flow of water from pond to pond.” There are waterfalls, benches and metal statues all around.

Another unique feature of the garden is the “vineyard,” which is illuminated by night lights. On the other hand, there is a gazebo on the cover.

The rooms in the main house are open and airy. The dining room on the second floor is open to the public with an outdoor kitchen and a floating solarium for “outdoor” dining on cold or rainy nights.

A.D. The color complements the blue and white Chinese collection. Bravo designed the room with her seven grandchildren, and this is an important tradition for them, so she wants a place where everyone can sit and have tea.

On the second floor there is a large dressing room and a first-class bedroom with a fireplace in the sky.

Downstairs, on the porch, is a more ordinary family room (this can be accessed upstairs). There is a hot tub, outdoor sauna, outdoor shower and 800 square feet pool.

There is also a home office with mirrors and built-in closets and three additional bedrooms. Not shown in the picture: roof viewer, basement and three-car garage.

There is a long aisle from the main house to a deep canal.

The guest house is located on the other side of the property. It has a brick courtyard with an outdoor fireplace, known as a lodge.

The main room of the guest house has an open porch, a bright roof, a stone fireplace and a wall of full French doors. On the opposite side of the room (not shown in the picture) is a sealed porch. The whiteboard cabinet in the kitchen contrasts well with the rest of the dark wood, as well as the air-filled dining room.

The master bedroom also has a balcony and a bathroom.

There is a comfortable TV room and two other bedrooms.

The guest house has its own pool and a 150-foot mass head and sliding lawn with a private dock.

The location in East Maurice is also much smaller than the Hampton property. The agent of the list, Brenda Fufurta, told Mension Global:

[Listing: 116 & 122 Atlantic Avenue by Brenda Giufurta and Joseph Savio of Douglas Elliman]

List of photographs by Douglas Elman

116 & 122 Atlantic Avenue, Pools


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