7 backyard gardens in plastic bottles

This story was first published in It’s 2015.

There are many ways to reuse plastic bottles in the garden. Instead of throwing them away, try these techniques to make gardening easier.


Cut the plastic bottle in half and then continue cutting the plastic rings. Place each plastic ring around the nest to protect it from slips and other bugs.

Seed storage

Get a clean bottle; Make sure there is no moisture in it. Use it to store seeds. (This is especially true for peas and beans.)

Sliding snare

Use bottles of any size, but choose two. Make sure both are exactly the same size. Cut two squares at the bottom of each bottle. These will be the sliding doors. Then open half of the bottle together, so that the gaps are lined up and the two parts come together. Fill the bottom with a small old beer, and place the container in the ground. Slogans enter, but do not exit.


They use half of the plastic bottle with the cap. Trim the hole through the nail cap and seal the lid. Place the bottle halfway through the ground, so that the lid is in the ground, and the opening looks up at the sky. If you have to leave for a few days, but still want your plant to drink, fill the container before you leave, and the water will slowly drip, sinking into the soil.

Small greenhouse

Place them on top of plastic bottles (with the cap) and around your nursery. Plastic retains moisture just like a greenhouse. It can also withstand frost.


Take a whole plastic bottle and put a hole in the cap. Fill the bottle with water. Turn the bottle upside down and squeeze it to water the young seedlings, which can be damaged by large streams of water.

Annual plant

Take a large plastic bottle. Turn it over, and cut out a rectangle. To act as a drain, Pierce holes on the opposite side. Fill it with fertilizer and soil. Plant the seeds in the soil, and watch them grow.

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