8 things that happened on the hill this summer

A mask is needed in the yard

While many are expecting a full return to normal this fall, masks will be needed in all WKU buildings from August 9 onwards.

“I know this can be frustrating for some, but [it] Given the proliferation of delta alternatives in our communities, it will allow us to continue in the regular semester.

Retirement Purchase

As of June 30, 125 WKU employees have taken part in a voluntary separation incentive program, which means they can retire early with a one-year salary, a $ 100,000 face compensation.

Many celebrities at WKU have retired through this acquisition, including former media relations director Bob Skipper, Larry Snyder, former dean of the College of Arts and Letters, and Tony Gleison, director of human resources.

“I love the university and the people I worked with,” he said at a pension in June. “This is truly a second family. We had some good times. We have had some bad times, but we have passed. ”

Academic changes

At a registrar board meeting in August, registrars approved three undergraduate degrees in florists, athletics coaching and Spanish, as well as new law studies. All academic changes will be implemented for the fall 2021 semester.

It takes 15 hours to complete a bachelor’s degree. The certification is intended to enhance the basics, including gardening, hospitality and business.

It requires 12 hours to complete a bachelor’s degree in athletics coaching and is designed to help students develop coaching and teaching skills that can be used in schools, businesses or community agencies.

Spanish language certification requires 18 hours with different language levels. The certificate is useful for students in many different programs, from health care to business.

Degree in law requires students to take a combination of political science, history, and professional writing. Degree requires 18 core courses, 18 elective hours, and a master’s, minor, or certificate.

Vaccine Incentive Competition

WKU recently announced the Immunization Incentive Lottery to encourage teachers, staff and students to get vaccinated.

Environmental, Health and Safety Director David Oliver said the email awards include a total of $ 5,496 in full-time state education scholarships, 500 textbooks and 11 iPad processes.

The first draw will take place on August 30, and the competition will run until October 1, and the winners will be announced every Friday.

“We know there is a hesitation, so anyone who is hesitant, please advise your healthcare provider about getting vaccinated,” Kaboni told the Herald Editor in August. But we encourage people to get vaccinated and [to] It is important to qualify for these awards. ”

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