A big win for the plant biosection system

  • National Partnership Agreement for Plant Health Care System between Australia, State and State Governments.
  • The Australian Government spends $ 1 million a year on the states.
  • The Australian Government is providing $ 1 million a year in partnership to improve Australia’s national plant health system.

    The Minister of Agriculture and Northern Australia, David Littleprud, said this was a major victory for the plant and biological systems that protect our economy and the environment.

    “This commitment will improve the National Plant Health Conservation Program, which provides a high priority for pesticide pests,” said Minister Littleprod.

    “Australia’s pest-free environment also provides critical evidence to support trade and market access.

    “The Australian Government’s annual budget of $ 1 million is in line with state and local governments.

    “This historic agreement will preserve this important program for the future and will be implemented as a shared responsibility with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

    Provides a reliable, consistent and consistent approach to reporting and sharing the necessary monitoring data for $ 13 billion in vegetable and grain market exports.

    “The National Steering Committee, which represents all governments, monitors the implementation of the program and provides results for national security.

    “This is a great example of how strong partnerships between nations can improve our national security system,” said Minister Littleproud.

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