A community garden brings neighbors together

Community gardens can be a great way to bring neighbors together. (Photo by Jacqueline Rivas).

Community gardens can be a great way to bring neighbors together. Teams participate in their work (repairs) and rewards, labor (and vegetables). Many groups, such as group owners’ associations, neighborhood block groups, educational institutions, social service agencies, correctional institutions, corporations, religious organizations, and gardening clubs, have been involved in community gardening.

These groups are interested in creating and caring for community gardens because participation increases self-confidence and self-confidence and encourages youth participation. Groups create beauty, grow edible, improve nutrition and fitness, reduce stress, be neighbors and promote healthy communities.

Initial planning and communication are key to successful community gardens. Site selection is very important. It takes at least six hours of full sun. The site should have appropriate zoning and legal restrictions, ample space, access to water, well-drained soil, free from tree / large plant roots and a “clean” history (free from pollution or other environmental problems). Shaded areas should be planned for rest, storage space, parking, perhaps toilets, water supply if necessary and to manage debris. Site preparation, fencing, laying of plans / paths, soil improvements, high beds built or purchased, soil inspection completed and irrigation to prevent backflow.

If you are interested in creating a community garden, contact our local UF / IFAS Extension Hillsborough County office. We do not provide labor, but we have information and experience to help you with topics such as fruits and vegetables, irrigation design, nutrition and nutrition. For more information, please ask Google ‘IFAS’ and follow ‘Community Gardening’. Also, contact the Community Garden Coalition – Tampa Bay

Check out our Facebook page for events and Florida’s ideal landscape calendar online at Hillsborough County Extension. Call 744-5519 for help with gardening questions or visit us at 5339 County Rd in UF / IFAS Extension Hillsborough County. 579 by Sefner. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming workshop. Remember to reuse, reduce, reuse and repeat.

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