A community garden was named in honor of Susan Hannah

Hannah kindly said, “You can’t refuse.”

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More than 50 people gathered in his honor to pay tribute to the late Susan Hanna and her contribution to the gardening community in Sultine State. Marie.


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The Forest Heights Community Garden has been officially transformed into a Susan Hannah Memorial Community Garden.

Member of Sault Ste. Marie Horticulture Society Since 1998, many have remembered Hannah’s role in plants, her family, volunteers, and her role in various organizations in the community, such as the Old Communities, Urban Beauty, and the Clean North.

Hannah kindly said, “You can’t refuse.”

“All she has to do is throw in that smile,” says her husband, Michael Hannah. He always connects you. ”

The naming ceremony brought tears to Michael Hannah’s eyes and he summed it up in two words: “It’s wonderful.” He says the day reminds him of the wedding day and how the weather was dark, the sun rising and setting, and the people he loved.

“You’d be happy to have a few friends, but it was great,” he says.

Family, friends, and other gardeners paid tribute to her heritage and endless work to help and educate others. Hannah’s dedication was flawless. She helped as much as she could and started a number of projects in the community, such as Sedi Saturday and Community Gardens.

But that is not all. A.D. In 2011, she successfully hosted the OHA 105 Ontario Cultural Convention in Suburia. With her big heart, Hannah helped create sensory parks for three community homes in Sault Ste. Marie and she set up a garden for mental health and addicts at the Salt Area Hospital.


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Hannah’s work was recognized by OH in 2020. She was a trillionaire. The award is given to individuals who have excelled in the field of fruit and vegetable associations and / or OHA for a long time.

Hannah was an active member of the Ohio Board of Trustees for four years as district director. She was vice president for one year, served two years as president, and once served as president.

At the top of the trillionaire award, Hanna won the Community Algoma Volunteer of the Year in 2007.

Hannah, of course, was a gardener, a leader, and “knew how to do things,” said Mike Delferre, a harvest volunteer.

Halina had many facets of her generosity.

Delpre saw Hannah’s side, which many people do not see. Her focus was on food security and reducing hunger. After asking her, Delfer helped her set up herpes algae programs to meet the children on how to grow food.

“Without her, we would not have started any program,” he said. “She knew everything about food security when we first started. She quickly introduced the general concept of food preservation. She began providing supplies for people to learn how to store food.

Hannah’s commitment resides in the community garden of Susan Hannah Memorial, and her work will always be remembered. According to her husband, there were no measurements for her. She was always there to get the job done, and there was no project too small or too big to accomplish.



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