A crown of thorns for summer color in the garden

In the evening, I walked past my neighbor’s house with two containers on the west porch. They are full of flowers that look healthy. My wise neighbor filled the containers with warm, thorny crowns. According to horticulturalists, Euphria milli, a thorny crown, is a year-round flowering plant.

The crown of thorns is a perennial shrub or plant that belongs to a family of plants, such as penicillin, cranberry, and spruce. Euphorbiaceae. This family of plants is very large, with about 9,000 species in many different climates around the world. Plants in the Euphorbiaceae can be trees, shrubs or ground cover and can be annual or perennial. They often have milk juices, which are toxic and / or irritating to the skin, and cactus-like with thorns.

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