A.D. Where to go for vacation in 2022 from the Schly Islands to Antarctica

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A.D. Wondering where to go for a vacation in 2022? Homeland has collected 10 of the best places to visit from the United Kingdom to North America next year.

From low-lying British cities to gardens, life-changing wildlife to mind, cultural shock, these are the top holiday destinations to add to your travel list for 2022.

If you are looking for a place to go for each of the seasons, our selection of the best places to visit includes winter, spring, summer and fall ideas to explore and book now.

As events unfold next year, you will want to keep scrolling to where you are going to remember.

The most spectacular Florida exhibition will come to Europe in 2022, bringing one of our favorite spring destinations to our garden. The cherry blossoms provide a wonderful backdrop for a national tour and a wonderful time for adventure in Asia.

Are you planning to get home in 2022? We have a railroad just for you in the wild. And if he escapes to the island you are thinking of, you want to consider Britain’s response to the Caribbean sand …

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Looking for the ultimate snow adventure? Antarctica is the place. Once a remote destination that only real explorers can reach, the White Continent is now a place of responsibility to visit and risk before it changes due to global warming. When you cross the famous Drake Pass, marvel at the snow forests, whales and penguins, and have the adventure of a lifetime, it is the perfect way to reach Antarctica.

Book Country Living’s only Antarctic cruise will begin in February 2022 and will take place before September 12 to include a visit to Buenos Aires and free flights from the UK.


Scottish Higgins

An unmistakable ancient British beauty, the Scottish Highlands offer everything we love about the UK vacation: the magnificent, Hollywood-themed landscape, the spectacular steam locomotive (you must find James or Hogwarts Express as fans know), nature around – and the beautiful highlands. (Or “Cush”), of course! Britain is beautiful, with its delicious food, majestic peaks (including the highest of the UK, including Ben Nevis) and stunning islands.

Book The country has a Scottish steam vacation in June and July 2022, taking in the tires of Jacob, Lock Catherine and Folk.



When it comes to spring holidays in Europe, we can’t think of a better place to visit than the Tulip home in Holland. The only reason to visit in 2022 is not only bold floral displays, although next year’s Florida Exhibition is a big garden with a wonderful ecological garden. There are special exhibitions, events and spectacular attractions in Almer near Amsterdam. There will be huge, impressive greenhouses, as well as cable car and interactive experiences.

Book Country Life invites you to join TV gardener Charlie Dimmok while traveling to Holland during the May 2022 Florida Exhibition.



One of the places we really missed during the epidemic was Japan. The cultural shock and confusion of Tokyo, the quiet gardens of Kyoto and the majestic beauty of Mount Fuji make this country a place to be visited at least once. If you are excited to see it again when the Olympics are safe to travel, you may want to start planning a trip to the beautiful spring in Japan, where cherry blossoms give a festive look.

Book Rural Life has a 14-day festival in March 2022 with highlights in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Takayama and others.


Swiss Mountains

Want to know where you are going on holiday this summer? The Swiss Alps has an answer! This magnificent part of Europe is easy to reach by train from London and offers a magical winter escape from just one Hop in the UK. Arrive in the beautiful Interlaken, take in the views of Lake Rigi and ride the snow-covered, snow-covered Express Express train. Winter vacations in the Swiss capital, Bern, and Lake Tune, where you can walk, are the perfect way to end your cold weather trip.

Book Country Living Free of the Swiss Alps includes skiing in February and October 2022, skiing, lake tours and staying at a historic hotel.


Galapagos Islands

Wildlife experiences are no better than traveling to the unique and distant islands of Galapagos, where 9,000 species of plants and animals thrive. The islands of the wild, 19 islands, located 600 miles from the capital Ecuador, are known for being relatively unforgettable. Here, you can see sea urchins, galapagos penguins, galapagos turtles, sally lizards and other amazing species. The best way to experience the Galapagos Islands is on a trip.

Book Home Living from January to December 2022, Galapagos celebrates the 11th day of Galapagos with our partner Hurtigutton.



Bathsheba and Edinburgh are great places for city vacations in the UK, but next year we will focus on Norway for one of the lowest cities in Britain. Walk along the river, admire the medieval city from the view of Muse Haze, and have a pin at one of the many micro breweries. While living in Norfolk, you will want to visit the Norwich Palace, explore the historic grocery store Jarod, and take a break at the “Secret Garden”, the Garden Trust.

Book Living in February 2022 with Norwich icon Delia Smith will have a special break in her restaurant, including a dinner, a full-day cooking workshop and time to explore Norway.



Whether you are enjoying the bright lights of Paris or the beauty of Cote d’Ivoire, visiting our European neighbors is always fun, In 2022, we take a look at Normandy and the beautiful village of Giverney, where empanist artist Claude is. Monet lived. Here, you can visit his beautiful house and garden and enjoy the atmosphere in the village of Sein-Gon. In Monte’s magnificent garden, you will be amazed at the flower ponds and the famous Japanese bridge. There are cafes, restaurants and galleries around Giverney.

Book Join former country editor and current columnist Susie Smith on a short vacation to Giverney in July 2022.


Scilly Islands

They are fans of the Prince of Cambridge and Duchess and so are we! The Scythian Islands Britain’s response to the Caribbean is its powdered soft white sand and colorful water. On these islands outside the main Cornell, the weather is mild, making them ideal for spring and autumn-out vacations. But if you do not like long-haul flights by 2022, then the Skilly Islands will boast beautiful beaches, spectacular walks, wildlife and unusual gardens.

Book The island’s top guide and naturalist Will Wagstaf is joining a tour of April, July and September 2022.


Rocky Mountains

Overseas nature, the Rocky Mountains of Canada offer sharp peaks, bright ice lakes and dramatic scenery. Spread over Canada and the United States, the Rocks in Canada travel more than 3,000 miles north of Jasper to Cote d’Ivoire. Lake Louise, Lake Griez and Black Bears are just a few of the incredible parts of this world. It is also home to the Rocky Mountain, one of the world’s greatest railway experiences.

Book The April 2022 National Living Rocky Mountain Festival takes you on an amazing journey from Vancouver to Calgary.

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