A farm where naked young people learn new skills

Naked young people are getting the opportunity to train on the farm.

And volunteers with autism are gaining experience working in a garden garden.

The government’s Youth Security Plan explodes three projects for homeless charity Serena at their farm near Kirkuntonton.

The purpose of the Syrian Farm Enterprise is to provide rural skills training and outreach to vulnerable youth.

It is a farming community to grow. One that will help those who live there to grow up and develop life and career skills and self-confidence.

Carpentry on a farm

The farm has been in operation since 1972 and has eight acres of land with a partner in the neighboring Scottish Wald Garden at a site in Scotland.

Working in Lumber is one of the latest projects to be part of the Youth Insurance project.

It is especially designed to help young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Agriculture Volunteer General Adam Forrest recently told a meeting of the West Lottery Council Volunteers Policy Development and Survey Panel (PDSP): . It is a real opportunity to engage in some professional horticultural experience.

The HYPE-sponsored group, in collaboration with the Council, found that young people with ASD benefited from the experience of wall gardening.

Earlier this year, the Kerena people organized a course for the first round of youth insurance. He taught ‘Building a Farm for the Future’ and an Employment Program. This eight-week course was an accreditation of Rural Practical Skills and the Forest and Foreign Education Award (SCQF grades 4 – 8). He also offered two hiring sessions with Serena staff.

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“It really increases their CV and increases their self-confidence.” Ale Adam explains the practical benefits of education.

Launched is the Freemasons Woods program, where young people learn basic Woodland management skills, safe weapon use, and practical rural skills. This includes making boards and spoons for sale. It offers a wide range of courses from harvest to trade and retail skills.

“They are contributing to community farming, which I think is very important,” Adam added.

The Kerena bought the farm with the intention of expanding their community-based residence and benefiting the residents through medical treatment related to working on land and animals.

This community model is for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. It is a peer-to-peer community – residents learn to live and work with others, socially, personally, and independently.

Therapeutic interventions and practical learning and development opportunities are available to residents.

The field has improved over the years in response to changing circumstances. Instead of breeding whole animals, such as pigs, cattle, and sheep, chickens can now be kept only for egg production.

In 2005, an ‘Agricultural Enterprise’ was created to separate the farming community from the residential community management to increase the overall efficiency of the enterprise.

Works as a social enterprise to provide financial income, social and community resources and to work for local values.

The farm sells its training programs through the social enterprise, producing sustainable and healthy food for West Lottery and Edinburgh, and through various sources of funding from local authorities, charities, charities and foundations.

The plant, which produces 250 fruit trees and seven polythene, is a weekly, bi-weekly, weekly or weekly subscription service from a local partner retail venue that offers fresh, organic, locally sourced fruit and vegetable bags. Basis.

It also produces about 2,000 eggs a week.

Focusing on selling organic fruit and vegetable bags in Edinburgh, the farm now seeks to develop relationships with local communities such as Kirktonton and the wider West Lottery. He hopes to increase shipping across the West in the new year.


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