A free distribution workshop was held on Sunday

Union County gardeners will hold a free workshop on Arborum Arborum, South Arkansas, on Sunday.

“Plant propagation is a process by which new sources of growth come from a variety of sources, including seeds, fragments, and other plant parts,” says Master Gardener Barbie Luther. Planting with cuttings and layers, the method used in the workshop is similar to that of a parent plant.

Senior gardener Jana Foster joins John Tinsley, 2016 Arkansas’ Friend of Gardeners, to discuss a variety of distribution methods, including seeds, overlapping, topography, division and root canal.

Reproduction can be used to preserve hereditary plants or to propagate popular plants without spending a lot of money on new plants.

The free workshop will be held from 2 to 3 p.m. One participant will also receive a door-to-door prize.

Being a master gardener

The registration period for the Master Master Horticultural Training has been extended until September 20. The five-week online training will enable local residents to join the Union County Master Gardeners and further their education on horticulture.

Union County gardeners are responsible for beautifying a number of local projects, including Arborretum, El Dorado City Hall Garden, Hope Resort, South Arkansas Cafe Square Garden, and Yokum Primary.

We recently partnered with the South Arkansas Historical Conservation Association to renovate new gardens at the Newton House Museum. We are adding plants to the garden, and at that time we were doing research on plants that are historically used in gardens, ”Luther said. In July.

Information about the training and application forms is available from the Union County Extension Office, by calling 870-864-1916.

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