A fruit fly booklet for new children is blown up in schools

Young South Australians will learn more about fruit flies at school by launching a new children’s booklet to raise awareness about pests and support efforts to eradicate pests.

The new book Fruit Fly is part of a new school input kit on the Fruit Fly website that is now bringing life to the forefront of South Australia in a participatory way.

The epidemic continues to affect more than 300 Adelaide settlements, Port Augusta and Wonzland, and Minister of Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said all should do their part to stop the spread of fruit flies.

We know a lot of conversations about what is happening at school in the Family Center, which is why this new book, Booth of Fruit Fly, helps to raise awareness of the daily needs of South Australians to eradicate fruit flies. .

“Many children and families can do this by knowing what fruits and vegetables are flying, throwing pieces right or cleaning the garden.

“This new booklet is another example of the Marshall Liberal government supporting the $ 1.3 billion fruit and vegetable industry in the state of fruit flies and thousands of jobs in the state.

Buzz off Fruit Fly explores the effects of fruit flies in your own home garden and provides practical tips on how to identify fruit flies and the importance of fruits in green bowls instead of fertilizers.

Education Minister John Gardner said new green reservoirs are being distributed to public schools in the Adelaide Red Frontier Zone in September to support fruit safety.

“This new education campaign is to help raise awareness in our schools about the importance of fruit flies in South Australia,” said Minister Gardner.

Families with school-age children have done a remarkable job of complying with the restrictions on fruit movement that can be included in lunch boxes.

“I encourage schools in the cantons of the Red Crescent to make sure they provide affordable, commercially available fresh fruit to support families with healthy lunch options.

Schools Any unripe fruit and garbage can be thrown in a green bin to safely manage garbage and disrupt the fruit fly life cycle.

Westborne Park Elementary School has been in the area of ​​the Fly Flies since January 12, 2021, and Principal Jason Munro said ongoing relationships with his school community have helped people understand the importance of preventing fruit flies.

“Our families, students and staff supported fruit flies because they knew there was a serious risk of future crop failure if we did not follow the rules,” said Mr Munro.

“This year we have informed families about fruit flies through the school newspaper and our online media. We also conducted a workshop on waste management with KESAB Environmental Solutions.

We have made sure that the fruit is available at the pharmacy so that students can still buy their favorite fresh fruits, such as apples, oranges and bananas. We also sell our favorite cut fruit on hot days.

The School Input Kit is now available for schools on the fruit fly website at fruitfly.sa.gov.au/schools-kit.

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