A garden designed by Odolph that grows on Detroit Belle Island

Detroit (AP) – The beauty of Detroit Belle Island Park will continue with the official opening of the 2.5-acre (1 ha) multi-year garden designed by Dutch horticulturist Piet Oudolf.

On August 28, he was ordered to cut a ribbon for Oudolph Garden Detroit outside the island of Carroll.

985 hectares (398 hectares) state park, a few miles northeast of the city center, in recent years to rehabilitate 200 hectares (81 hectares) of forested swamps and to Construction and Belle Island Aquarium.

“Detroit is very special to me. This park is located on one of the most natural sites for my garden, ”said Odolf. “It’s a place where people go and never get bored or discouraged. It is also a place where you can learn about plants because you see plants that you have never seen or have never seen before.

Odolf’s work can be seen in many other gardens around the world, including Luri Garden in Chicago and New York City Highway.

Owdolf’s garden includes Detroit 32,000 years and grass.

The volunteer Oodolph Gardeners Detroit Grades has been working on this for more than five years. The Michigan Garden Club has secured Odolph’s commitment to a $ 4.7 million project.

“Such a public garden is needed more than ever,” said Maura Campbell, spokesman for Oudolf Garden Detroit Grounds Crew. “It offers a peaceful, beautiful and safe place to enjoy a piece of live art. It is good for the body and the soul. ”

Richard Thomas Oudolph, another member of the staff, designed the gardens to make them accessible and fun at all times.

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