A gardener will explain how to avoid plant diseases and other garden problems

Washington Post Vegetable columnist Adrian Higgins recently answered questions in an online discussion. Here is an edited clip.

Roses should be planted in a windy area or at least in unstable conditions, as fences may be present. You need good garden hygiene – remove all leaves like yellow and pick up all that has fallen, including past seasons. Proper pruning is also important to open up the middle of the forest, but the most effective way to deal with blackheads is to buy native breeds first to be resistant.

I have watched Zozi for a long time but I have not grown up. However, plant resilience depends on the ability of other plants to thrive. So you’re shaking Charlie is probably growing up on it, and the runners should get out easily. This weed also loves moisture, Zoisia takes on dry conditions (rationally), so you want to go back to that irrigation and see if that weed has affected it.

The good Easter is used for more shady areas. It is not as strong as grass as long as grass and does not take much foot traffic. I think long migrations are better for you, especially if the conditions are semi-decent, and you choose one of the newer and improved species prepared for the transition zone (actually a mixture of two or three). If you do not want to harvest at all, you can install some suitable ground cover or some low-growing ornamental grass or terrace, but planting those requires initial work and cost.

I guess some strong ferns like ostrich, royal or cinnamon fern, many, and strong and swampy hibiscus.

Maple trees have some of the worst surface roughness, the worst of which is now a very damaged map of Norway. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the soil is thin and there is a lot of ground congestion. It’s hard to set things up in an environment like this, but the key is to start small, with sockets or even seeds. Small bulbs such as scilla, ice-cream, and cyclamen can be set up there. Another option is to put things in containers under the tree.

It is a good time to pick up pieces and put them in the sand / fertilizer mixture. Keep them moist and protected and they will need to be rooted in the next few months to be ready for planting next spring.


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