A member of Clemson’s staff was appointed president of the National Plant Board

PENTELETON – Stephen Long, assistant director of regulatory services at Clemson University, which oversees the State Department of Plant Industry (DPI) and its invasive breeding programs, has been named president of the National Plant Board (NBB).

As president of the NPB, Long leads a 12-member board that oversees government, national and international standards in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and the region.

The NPB acts as a national and international data center on plant pest control and control. The Board also provides advice to regional boards and is a co-ordinator of herbal health programs throughout the United States.

Long has served as vice president of the board since 2019. Since his appointment as Assistant Director of Control Services in 2015, he has played a leading role in protecting South Carolina’s agriculture, horticulture, forestry and nursery industries from invasive plants and pests.

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“Stevenson’s role as president of the NPB will allow Clemson to lead the country in tackling plant pests that affect agriculture and natural resources in the United States. Opportunity for Leadership, ”said Stephen Cole, Director of Control Services.

Long is currently leading the state in responding to a variety of plant threats, including the pollution of Asian Longhorn beetles in the Charleston area, as well as hovering droppings, congores, boxwood moths, Bengal Day flowers and sweet potato weeds.


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