A member of the Williams County 4-H Club scores the first result

Franklin, Ten.

Presley Noland, now a junior in high school, has competed in 4-H club competitions since she was in fourth grade. This year she raised two goats, a leader and a cow. And the leader became the first for the Williamson County 4-H Club.

“And, my leader, his genetics and diet plan are really in line,” said Noland. And he rated it ‘prime’. Therefore, the rating is basically like the best quality bull. So, there are many different types of bullshit you can pick up at grocery stores. So we learn about it and we teach others about it. And so, my leader is really rated. So, that was a great achievement for us. They basically take our cows and make them sound very loud. So they go in and look at the meat and the carcass. So, it’s really cool. So we have to learn. ”

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And the goat home also received home awards.

“With the goats, they have really become the biggest and most reserve champions,” said Newland. “So, they won their education, basically. But we all go in as 4-horsepower and raise these animals. And so, every year, we compete. ”

But Noland is better than the competition.

She thinks groups like the 4-H Club and future American farmers will play a big role in educating people on agriculture.

“I think it was important to start farming, especially in this area,” says Noland. We have a lot of new people coming in. So, I think we like to educate the people and educate people on the importance of agriculture and also educate the little ones who come for your food. Because it is really important. Not just cattle, but horticulture and all aspects of agriculture. ”

Noland says she plans to pursue a career in agriculture, such as farming or perhaps as a veterinarian in veterinary medicine. She will definitely follow her wishes!

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