A memorandum of understanding was signed on the beauty of the WCLA

Lahore – The Parks and Garden Authority (PH) and the Wall Lahore Authority (WCLA) have agreed to work together to beautify the city of Lahore. The Prime Minister, through Tourism Adviser Asif Mohammed, visited the walled city of Lahore (WCLA) DG Kamran Lashari and PHA DG Jawad Ahmad Qureshi on Monday.

During the visit, WCLA DG and PHA DG agreed to work together to build the city. CMC Adviser Asif Mohammed told the media that all steps have been taken to restore the wall to its true beauty. According to WCLA DG, the gardening project will begin soon and WCLA will transfer all cooperation to the pH to beautify the walled city. Like other parts of Lahore, the wall of the city will be restored, says DJ DJ Jawad Ahmed Qurashi, who will soon complete his plan to restore natural beauty.

Digital System – Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has decided to introduce a digital system for plant development, marketing, coordination, field inspection and fuel control. The decision was made at the 20th meeting of the PHA Board of Directors chaired by Engineer Yasser Gilani, chairman of the PAA, at the PHA headquarters on Monday. The meeting approved the construction of zip lines in various city parks for public recreation to maintain the PAA beauty pageant in the city and maintain registration standards for public wedding parks. He also announced a two-year tax relief for the affected Hafez Center traders. Recommendations to increase the authority’s revenue have also been approved.

Vice-Chairman Ph.D. Hafiz Zeshan Rashid, Ph.D. Jawad Ahmed Qurashi, Board of Directors PH, MPA Neelam Hayat, Deputy Secretary HUD and PHE Department, Deputy Secretary Finance Department, Secretary LG & CD Department, Representative DC Lahore, Representative DJ LD, Environment Asma Chema and Rafia Kamal, horticulturist Nawaz Rame and Lahore Chamber of Commerce representative Saeed Chawdri attended the online meeting.

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