A multilingual health line has been opened for farm workers

The charity’s safety line has been improved to better support migrant workers in the Scottish agricultural industry.

The Scottish Rural Charities RSABI has recently improved access to seasonal migrant workers through its multilingual helpline.

The translation helpline provides practical, emotional and, in some cases, financial support to current staff.

RSABI has partnered with both NFU Scotland and the Scottish Agricultural Association (SOAS) to promote the grant line.

The upcoming CV-19 restrictions and post-brake visa requirements have made this season difficult for farmers and their workers.

Explaining why they received the service, RSABI CEO Nina Classic said:

Working outside the home with language barriers can increase stress and anxiety for workers, and in some cases exacerbate the problems they face.

It is important that everyone in Scottish agriculture has access to support.

Ian Brown, chairman of the NFU Scotland Fruit and Vegetable Working Group, highlighted the importance of worker safety and ethics to fruit and vegetable businesses.

“Current migrant workers are an important resource for the Scottish horticulture sector and are an important part of its success,” he said.

Services that improve the mental well-being and morale of employees will benefit both employees and our businesses.

The helpline can be reached on 0300 111 4160 or by filling out an online ‘call’ form.

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