A new company in Buffalo is turning its gun into a garden tool

Mark Stradley has been a consultant in Buffalo for 10 years.

“I lost students and family members at gunpoint,” Stradley said. “I have students who have committed suicide.

He began to think about what he could do for the community to begin the process of rescuing individuals affected by gun violence. That’s when he found a national organization called RawTools in Colorado. The company converts guns into gardening equipment. Mark brought his friend Steve Johnson and the two started a chapter in Buffalo.

Johnson said, “I am a pastor and I am very happy because I think God wants a time when people will not lose their lives in violence in the future.”

The chapter is delayed by the epidemic, but it is finally beginning now. It is a way of transforming life into something that can bring death. The guns were donated by local police departments as well as families of those who lost their lives.

“The donated guns are suicide bombers,” Stradley said.

Stradley and Johnson hope the community will also participate in the RawTools Buffalo.

“We plan to make various arrangements for individuals affected by gun violence to come and convert these guns into gardening,” Stradley said. We are looking for a walk.

They are also collaborating with a new church in Buffalo to open a community garden to grow vegetables and fruits for the community in Riotles Buffalo.

“It’s an exciting way for us to come to the full circle,” Stradley said.

You can email RawToolsBuffalo@gmail.com for more information.


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