A new Fresno exhibition and arts center opens. Here are some interesting facts.

Wednesday was a big day for the University of Fresno Pacific, as officials gathered to officially cut the ribbon to announce the opening of the new Worcintin Cultural and Art Center. It is the first building in Fresno Campus in the southeast for the first time in 20 years.

Al and Dotti Warcantine are the main names for the $ 15 million center, but everything in it contains the names of the other charities that helped make the center work. There are Elizabeth Villis Theater, Lynn Family Performance Studio (Black Box Theater), Dr. Meryl and Priscilla Ewert Art Gallery, Edmond and Mary Janzen Grand Fower, Dick Family Green Room and Remmer Family Theater Shop.

Construction of the 26,000-square-foot building began in November 2020, and the new center will benefit not only Fresno Pacific students and staff, but also the community, the university said.

The University presents these “interesting facts” (School Zone is particularly impressive for concrete tone equivalents)

  • More than 400 vendors and 44 subcontractors have contributed to the project, covering everything from basements to stairs.
  • More than 32,000 man-hours are under construction – equivalent to three and three quarters.
  • 103 tons (206,000 pounds) of iron was built – but more than one orca or less than a blue whale.
  • 2,365 tons (4,787,000 pounds) of concrete poured in – about two Red Redwoods and one baby elephant.
  • 23.45 miles (123,800 ft) Low-Voltage Cable – Approximately from the main campus to River Park and back.
  • 360 light bulbs illuminated inside and outside the building.

Also in the school zone:

  • Fresno Unity provides free education for the elderly.
  • These Clovis North brothers and sisters are leading the way in the International Science Competition.
  • The UC Davis Bug Museum has been experimenting with Fresno “Dog Page Butterfly” students since 1972.
  • Redley College is offering over 200 courses free of charge.

These Fresno seniors got it for College Bonus Books

Seventy Fresno integrated seniors find their way to college a little smoother. You have been selected to receive a $ 1,500 to $ 2,500 Scholarship Fund established by the District and supported by community members and District staff.

A total of $ 103,500 was awarded for the scholarship at the Hoover High Events Center in northeast Fresno on Thursday night.

Despite challenges – parental loss, poverty, and language barriers – the district said the 70s excelled in education and school activities, volunteered for community service, and were leaders on their campuses.

“To honor the winners of our Fresno Integrated Scholarship, I am amazed at their perseverance and commitment throughout their academic journey. They deserve our financial support, and I am grateful to our staff and the community for helping me to lighten their load when they go to college, ”said Superintendent Bob Nelson in a statement.

Winning the Science Award is a family tradition

Clovis North students John Benedict Istarada and his sister Pauline have recently won a $ 5,000 prize at the Reaganron International Science and Engineering Exhibition, using artificial intelligence to detect the effects of drought on plants.

That won John Benedict for the second year in a row.

John Benedict told GVWire last year that he had taken the project one step further and planned to do a real field test this year.

The Regeneron race is described as the “Science Show” Olympics. The Gordon E. Moore Prize is one of the top 6 awards of the competition.

Want to know more about the Estradas Award-winning project? Click here.

Did the Dog Face Butter participate in your Daily Elementary School project?

The Bohart Museum of Intomology in UC Davis, in 1972, is on the hunt for anyone who was a fourth-grader at Fresno Dayly Elementary School. Class taught by Betty Harding and Shirley Klein.

The museum is planning a special event to mark the 50th anniversary of the California Dogfly Butterfly California Official Insects. Because of all this, the Daily Students were so excited about the butterfly in California that the current member of the convention, Kenneth Maddie Doug Fes, sponsored the naming of the State Butterflies.

If anyone in that room knows you, contact Kathy Kathley Garvin of UC Davis Department of Intology and Nematology at kegarvey@ucdavis.edu.

Want to know more about Dog Face Butterfly, also known as “Dog Head Butterfly”? (The image on the wings looks like a pocket view from the front of the pocket.) See Garvey Blog at https://ucanr.edu/blogs/blogcore/postdetail.cfm?postnum=52104.

California Dog Face Butterfly Poster

Redley College reduces the cost of some classes

If you start dropping out of college because they are so expensive, Redley College has an agreement for you.

The college is offering 217 non-credit courses extended to the American curriculum, including sign language, basic computer skills, welding and health interpretation, music, fruits and vegetables, and creative writing.

But the teachings are not completely free. Participants will have to pay a health fee ($ 21 for spring and autumn semester, $ 18 for summer, and $ 13 for off-campus only) but skip the course costs of $ 138 for a three-unit course.

To learn more, go to www.reedleycollege.edu/extended-learning, call App Help (559) 494-3011 or email Rebecca.alhaider@reedleycollege.edu.

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