A new garden has been unveiled at Owen Voice Hospital

A new community-friendly garden is now in front of Owen Voice Regional Hospital.

NeighbourWoods North Owen Voice is a sub-committee of field nature researchers who have been barren for some time and have developed a master plan to make the hospital’s environment more natural.

One of the team’s projects was to transform the grass island directly from the hospital into a garden and to bring some beauty to the area and create a more comfortable environment for patients, families and staff entering the building.

The NeighborhoodWoods North Committee unveiled the new garden at the hospital on Monday.

Various shrubs, more than 200 years old, more than 60 indigenous grasslands, and 300 spring bulbs have been planted in what is now a simple grass island.

Vicky Thompson, chairman of the Neighborhood Worts North Gardening Committee and coordinator for Gray County Master Gardens, said many individuals, businesses and organizations have helped create a welcoming garden.

“What we want to do is create something beautiful that will be positive for the thousands and thousands of people who come in,” Thompson said. When people came and went from the hospital, we wanted to create some comfort, or something to give us.

Gary Bruce Health Services President and CEO Gary Sims Hospitals are often associated with stress and anxiety for many people, and there are many ways to build positive experiences both at home and abroad.

“NeighborWoods North and many of its volunteers have done a great job of transforming our hospital property into a healing environment, and their hard work is greatly appreciated,” Sims said. “The new garden is a thriving success.

They bought plants for the new garden from a local nursery. He received $ 7,000 in support from local TD friends and a $ 1,000 grant from the Tigray County Master Gardeners.

Lloyd Lewis, chairman of NeighbourWoods North, joked about a future project on the hospital’s property, which he called the “healing path.”

“We hope that it will eventually become a two-kilometer road around the hospital wall and accessible to wheelchairs, as well as visitors and staff,” he said. We have already planted trees around it, so it will eventually become not only beautiful but also a place of recreation.


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