A new government-sponsored community garden is growing in Norrista

At its heart, a community garden is a gathering place for growing and growing food. But the developers of this project have another general goal.

“Our vision is broader than that,” says Geneva. “We want to create a unique and comprehensive space. We need a place for children and adults to explore, to practice teamwork – it empowers us to be our own community and our own supporter.

Shanita Plains Garden Coordinator (Montgomery County Public Health Office)

As the gardener, the fields ensure that the seeds are being planted. She expects to soon begin educational programs such as vegetable reading and nutrition and cooking workshops to give people a better idea of ​​what they can do with what they are growing up with.

As people learn how to store fruits and vegetables and learn how to store them later, farms are thinking about food conservation workshops.

Gardens filled with rich soil and fertilizer. (Montgomery County Public Health Bureau)

The Norrest Spruce Community Park sits on 5,000 square feet, and has 40 high garden beds, including some for middle school students and four shared beds.

“This is open to the community. We do not want to be a burden to them. So this is completely free. ”

To get a plot or even volunteer on the site, you must fill out an application on the county website. To qualify for the conspiracy, you must be a resident of Norris for over 16 years of age.

“It is very quick and easy to fill out the application. It’s a form that can be filled out, very simple. I get the form, I get a chance to look at it, then I talk to the person and they have a chance to have a place in the garden, I get a chance to see, I meet other gardeners, choose their plan number. ” Then, just like their son’s approval, we will go there once I get the appropriate paperwork from them and have them sign some agreements.

Community members, Montko HHS staff, health promotion director and garden coordinator from left to right. (Montgomery County Public Health Bureau)

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