A new ISU program that introduces students to agriculture and horticulture

Terre Hote, Indiana (WT) – The first blues internship program of its kind was held at Indiana State University in Terre Hout, Indiana. The University’s Office of Sustainability, Multicultural Services and Programs, and the Charles E. Braun African American Cultural Center, came together to develop a program based on the history and process of agriculture and horticulture. One trainee told News 10 that the program had given new impetus to farmers across the country.

“This practice has not only exposed me to the field of knowledge but also helped me appreciate the work being done to provide food. Food is a vital need for all people and seeing this has helped me appreciate the work,” said Chinwe “Phoebe” Obe-Ohabobo, an ISU international student in Community Health Studies.

“This was completely new to me. I have never been involved in farming before or there is no such thing. [However]Sustainability was something I wanted at least a little bit, ”Ibe-Ohanebo continued.

According to Garrett Hurley, ISU Sustainability Coordinator, the training program will provide input for students from different backgrounds to participate in agriculture.

“Even when you look at getting students and people involved in farming in general, marginalized people do not opt ​​for those opportunities because of the many systemic issues that are typically involved,” Harley explained.

Although this is a new region for Ibe-Ohabo, she is eager to get the benefits of a small race soon.

Ibe-Ohanebo said, “We’re seeing how we started on the open ground and now everything is covered and we’ve gathered a lot of pumpkins and peppers. It’s fun to see.”

Bluestrum practitioners produce their products at the ISU Community Garden. The harvested produce was donated to Sikamor food storage. So far, more than ፓ 300 worth of produce has been donated to the Sikamor Food Store.

“It’s a great feeling to be part of the team that helps provide for the needy,” said Ibe-Ohabo.

If you want to make a garden but you do not have space for it, you can use the garden in the ISU Community Garden for free! You can find more information here.


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