A new nature playground will be unveiled in Austin this weekend

The Island Oasis Nature Play Garden will be celebrated in Austin this weekend.

The former vacant lot was converted into a public space for 1114 S. Mason Avenue community members to gather and play. The project is a collaboration between the 1100 South Mason Block Club, Neighborhood Area and Human Scale.

In the spring of 2018, residents of 1100 blocks in South Mason began gardening the community
After the first Earth Day cleanup, in collaboration with nearby staff and students at the nearby GR
Clark Elementary School.

Neighbors incited activation of unused space by hosting block club meetings, movie evenings, CAPS meetings, and festivals. Today, the garden has become a thriving community playground and playground for young children.

“This garden – from the beginning to the present – shows power
Neighbors work together for the benefit of the community, and only possible opportunities
It happens through collaboration, ”said Nati Tubs, a member of the 1100 South Mason Block Club

The blockchain club first worked to transfer the city’s destiny to NeighborSpace, which maintains community-run vacancies through title, insurance, and resource allocation.

Then, the island’s Osis Nature Garden became part of the West Side Nature Gaming Network, a five-year project funded by the Christopher Family Foundation.

We both need outdoor spaces to gather now more than ever so that we can both plan for it
Get involved in the future and in the future, ”he said Robin Klein, with a neighbor. Not only to plant but also to play, to live together, to understand nature, to be part of the community, to use community gardens as a natural place for future generations.

By the end of 2020 and early 2021, locals will be working with a multidisciplinary community design process. This process includes neighborhood survey resources, three community forums, and several blockchain and design meetings.

Construction involved many volunteers earlier this year and from the community.

“Architecture is a powerful tool for social impact,” he said Human scale Aileen Pacheco. “It gives the community the opportunity to make decisions and participate in the overall development, creating sustainable and meaningful spaces. Together we have transformed an empty space into a garden, a playground, and a source of civic pride.

The grand opening will be held from 4pm to 4pm on Sunday, September 19, with a short program and ribbon cutting at 2 p.m.

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