A new Periburg garden designed to use all your senses

TOLDO, Ohio (WTVG) – There is a special garden in Wood County that encourages you to do more than just watch flowers and plants. The garden is located in the WW Knight Nature Preserve in Perisburg. It is designed to encourage you to use all your senses to explore.

“You can massage things, touch things and even taste some things,” explains Jim White, program coordinator for the Wood County Park District. We also encourage you to listen to the sounds of the garden. We have some plants and vegetables that you can sample. This garden will put you in a different head space. Being there is stress reliever. ”

The garden is labor intensive. He was cared for by volunteers and park staff. The goal is to connect you with nature, and to connect people with each other.

“I hope it is a place of renewal and recreation,” says Whitter. We want it to be about the community, even with family, friends, and volunteers.

Although many plants are firmly rooted in the soil, there is a concerted effort to keep the garden fresh.

“We are constantly experimenting with flowers, plants and vegetables year after year,” says Whitter. “We always plant and grow. It’s fun to be creative that way. ”

The garden is a small part of the guard. The land is filled with various dwellings. “There are ponds and wetlands, so there is a body of water,” he says. “There is a forest and a field. The field will bloom for next month, so this is a great time to visit.

Whiter loves to share his favorite land with the community. It makes you feel good to see children and adults enjoying gardens and parks.

The sensory garden is now at an advanced stage. Most of the flowers in the garden bloom fully, and will remain that way for the next few weeks. The park is free and open to all during the park hours.

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